Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

   We had one of the most awkward member visits of my life this week. I'm not really sure what was going on, but the members were super excited about it, and the missionaries were very... confused. Yeah.
   We went to IKEA for pday. That's always super fun.
   Elder Johnson transferred on Tuesday. That was super unexpected. But Elder Bradley came! He's super awesome! Haven't seen him in months.
   Speaking of months, my 18 month mark was the 23rd. Isn't that ridiculous?
   There was this world wide missionary broadcast this week. The part I thought was really applicable was when Elder Bednar got up and told everyone what life is really about. It was super good. Elder Bednar is a boss.
   I dragged Elder Svensson into the hospital on Thursday because he was refusing to do that. So we went on splits for that. He had... something wrong in his throat. Not sure what, but they shot some meds into him and then poked a needle into the inside of his throat and sucked some stuff out. It was interesting. And gross. Super gross.
   We helped Favour and his wife move some things to a storage container this week because they are moving soon. That was interesting.
   Then there was just a bunch of grunt work after that.
   So that was pretty much the week. Hope it sounds great, because it was. Just super tiring. Have a wonderful week!
Elder Heiner
Julmust is only 1kr at Ikea.  But I didn't get any,
I've had way too much.
Hanging out at Ikea.
Saying goodbye to Elder Johnson.
In the waiting room... only a 4 Hour Wait.
Elder Svensson getting the stuff that makes
you feel better.
Before my haircut.
And after my haircut from Bea, who is right here in this picture.
My mom is probably super excited about this...

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

 Hi all the people! How are you all doing? I hope well. I'm doing well, at least. Just kinda doing my thing. I haven't written much recently, and despite trying really hard, I do not have too much time today. But let me give you some updates to some things...
   Victor got baptized! It was super awesome! He's a very sincere person who truly tried to find out if the church was true. It was so good. Now he's a full blown member and the bishop said that he's probably going to get the priesthood this week too, so that's kinda fun. 
   I dunno... like any other news is boring after that...
   We've been meeting with a super awesome part member family, and the wife should be getting baptized next month! That's super fun too. They have this super cute baby boy. Super awesome family.
   I went on splits a few times too. I was with Elder Schultz, Elder White, Elder Svensson, and Elder Johnson over the past two weeks. They're all super good missionaries and I'm super excited to continue to work with them!
   Yeah, so that's probably the most exciting things... I hope you all have a great week! Let me know if you need anything. Bye!
Äldste Heiner

A district picture.  We are missing one companionship because
of sickness, though.
We went to the most dangerous place in Sweden.
At night. We didn't even die!  Prayer works.
We also ate chicken nuggets.
They were like 10 for 15:-, so we took 100...
and ate them all with the sisters.
Cool building.
This is Victor.  He is now a member.

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

Hello to the very specific group of people that are the people that read this letter. I'm still alive despite not writing anything last week. That's kinda what happens when you have New Years and stuff. I bet not of you even remembered to look and see anyway, so I'm not worried at all.

   Let's start with Monday. It was not pday again. That was a little bit of a bummer. I'm also sure it was a more of a bummer for my mother than anybody else. She didn't get her weekly dose of pictures and so she's probably been going through withdrawals. But we still didn't have too much planned, but we were able to be with a member family for dinner and have a good lesson with them. I think it went really well, actually. We then went to Lund because we were going on splits.
   On Tuesday I was on splits with Elder Schultz, a new missionary getting trained. We had a really good day, actually. My goal for the day was to have him do everything so that he knew that he could do everything. He led the entire area, and we had an amazing day. Good guy, super good missionary. He'll go far.
   We had a good district meeting on Wednesday, and then we had.... nothing happen. Nobody wanted to meet with us, talk with us, nothing. It was a slow day. In the evening, we met with Victor, a super cool Swedish guy that's getting baptized in two weeks. He's a bro. I really like him and have enjoyed teaching him. We found him too, so that makes it all the better.
   Thursday was even slower. People apparently don't like talking about God on New Year’s Eve. When they're rip roaring drunk. Or something. I don't know. We were invited over to the stake president’s house and we hung out with his family until half past midnight. It was super fun! And approved, so that's even better!
   Friday was pday, we had sports night in the evening.
   On Saturday, we were on splits with the zone leaders! I was with Elder Svensson, a super cool Swedish guy from Örebro. We had a really good day. We were out working in the freezing cold wind the entire day, but a couple people actually stopped and talked with us. In the evening, we went up to Lund to do a baptismal interview there. And we switched back in the evening.
   Sunday was pretty simple. We had church and then a few lessons after church.  Then we had to go home for weekly planning or else nothing would get done next week. But it should be a really good week next week!

I hope everyone has a great week and finds somebody to let the missionaries teach for the New Year! I'm going now!

Elder Heiner
At the mall on p-day.
The New Year's Celebrations.
Eating Santa.