Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Hello to all the people. This was a week. And for the first time on my mission, life is moving at normal speed. It's super weird. I do not have much time writing time and my mother wants lots of details. This will be interesting.
   We had pday on Monday. We walked around and had a good time and then emailed a bunch and then went to Pia's (Hi Pia!) house for hemafton with her and David (Hi David) for the evening. Super good stuff. Pia made pizza. It was really good.
   Tuesday was all over the place. We were out in Flen for a woman that wanted to meet with us and also her friend. It was interesting. I think they were just old ladies who were bored so they invited us over. They live out in Flen, so we ended up coming back later in the day. Then we met with Ferdi. Then we worked. On the street. You know, like we do.
   We had liksom nothing for Wednesday, so we did some area book stuff, making lists for people to swing by and then we went out to talk to people. Then we met with Ferdi again. He's a bro. Then we met up with Pia right before we had Gospel Principals. Then Pia gave me a bit of a hair trim (Thanks Pia!) because President was going to be at meeting this week and I hadn't had a haircut in a transfer or two. I actually forget when I had a haircut last.
   Thursday was good. Nothing interesting enough to tell you about.
   We had a zone training on Friday! In the words of Elder Colton Smith, "On Friday we went to Södertälje (near Stockholm) for zone training. President and Sister Beckstrand were there as well as the assistants. I got an interview with President Beckstrand and it went well. Our zone training was mostly about chapter 13 in Preach My Gospel, how we can help investigators to feel comfortable and prepared in church and how we can work better with members." We had dinner with a super awesome family that evening too.
   I'm just going to send a picture of my planner for Saturday.
   Sunday was super crazy. Lots of people talked to us and we had church and a bunch of people came and we worked really hard and then had dinner with some super cool people.
   I love my mission! I love the Lord! Have it good!
Äldste Heiner
Interesting things around Flen.
Ferdi and a white shirt and tie.
Train ride.
Zone training.
What! A water fountain!
A pretty lake.
Somebody put dish soap in the fountain.  Not funny.
Okej. Pretty funny.
These two people we contacted wanted pictures
and so we got some too.
These things aren't used for this,
 but Elder Johanson will tell you otherwise.
 We actually have no idea what they're for,
but they are all around Sweden.

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

   Hello everybody! If you read the little note from last week, you know that I moved! To Katrineholm! It's been super good so far.
   Monday and Tuesday were all just saying goodbye to people and taking last minute pictures of things and people. On Wednesday I was all packed up and moved. I had to get up pretty early in the morning to catch the train. About an hour and a half later, I was sitting in my new area, and had met my new companion. Elder Johanson is a super cool dude. He works really hard and we get along really well. I've only been super happy in the week I've spent with him. But yeah, Wednesday had us out and around talking to people about truth and God and things like that. We were stopped by a couple of Persians who wanted to know who we were, so we told them all about it. In the evening we were part of a gospel principles class. It was super good. We had two new converts with us. The two new converts are super cool. Shout out to them because I know at least Pia reads this!
   Thursday we were out working like usual, talking to people. Then we took a train to a place called Flen! It's in our area. And it's even smaller than Kholm. But we talked to people out there for a while and then we came back. Talked to more people and then we went to institute! It was cool.
   We had district meeting on Friday. Our district is pretty loaded. Some of my favorite people in the world work really close to me. District meeting went really well, and then we ate at this super good Mongolian place. I really like food from that part of the world. I should figure out how to make more of it. I ordered train tickets for a few people in the district who hadn't done that yet and didn't want to because it's annoying and then we came home. And talked to people. We do that a lot. Then we went to visit Per, who is a less active man who promised to come back in two weeks. He's a pretty cool dude.
   On Saturday we went to the TEMPLE! I haven't been to the temple in so long. Like a year. And we were able to a session in Swedish (super cool!), and then we helped out in the baptistry where we had a couple of new converts doing baptisms. We were able to do some confirmations and then we did witnessing. It was super great. I love the temple. It's just a really great place. Anyway, we came back from the temple and had a couple lessons and dinner.
   Sunday was super good. We went to church and had some super cool people show up. The town here is super small. It's really fun though. Good branch of twentyish. We had 25 in church and they were feeling good. We had two investigators in sacrament meeting and also a less active man. After church we went home for lunch but immediately turned around to go back because a man said he wanted to meet. And then he said he would be baptized! We're super excited and we’re praying a lot for him.
   Anyway, that was my week. It was super good. I hope everyone has a great one! Thanks for all that you do!

Äldste Heiner
District Flag.
Really Long Grass!
Read that Sign.  It is pretty funny.
We went shopping and I didn't have enough room in my bag.
And then I did.
At the temple with Pia and Hadi.
Elder Johanson and I.

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

My week was super good! I'm a missionary! I have awesome weeks!
Today I am dealing with transfer things, I'll tell you all about it!

Next Week!

I'm moving to Katrineholm on Wednesday.  My companion will be Elder Johanson from Colorado.  Wish me luck!

Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

This was a week. And I don't have too much time to tell you every detail (sorry mom), so here we go!!
   On Monday we had pday! We tried to go to Björnö, but the other guy's bikes were having some major problems, so we didn't end up making it. I think we're going to take the bus in an hour or so. In the evening, we played mafia with the YSAs and it was super fun! Afterward we ate ice cream because that's what you do after YSA activities.
   Tuesday was pretty... eh... bipolar. We were blåsted by a couple people, but we were still able to talk to and teach a few other people. It was good. In the evening we AWESOME TUESDAY!! It was awesome.
   Wednesday was a pretty sick conference in VH (the place with the temple) and we got a bunch of instruction of the use of Preach My Gospel. USE PREACH MY GOSPEL! EVEN YOU!
   Thursday was full of tracting, teaching, teaching English class, and hanging out with people who made us pie. It was good.
   Friday was splits with the Karlstad Elders! I was with Elder Bradley and it was super fun, even though we worked in the worst place to work in Västerås. We still taught quite a bit and we contacted a ton of people.
   Saturday was cool. We taught a bunch, but we met with this dude named Peter. He's super sick and he totally wants to know about truth. I'm excited for him. He actually came to church on
   Sunday and it was Awesome! We taught a bunch at church and then we had to get some weekly planning done because we hadn't done that yet.
   Have a great week everyone! Thanks for everything you all do. God is good, the church is true, the book is blue, but it should be read.

Äldste Heiner
Forest Shot.
I saw Elder Richardson on Wednesday,  He's from the
Eugene area, too. 
Elder Smith and I matched perfectly for the
conference, down to the socks.
This is our investigator, T.
Some Västerås shots!