Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014

This here has been a week. In fact, I leave the MTC for SWEDEN in five days.  Time has indeed flown.  I'm so dang excited. The Danish district and the Icelandic district left on Monday, and they were hilarious. It's really kind of quiet around here now. I did get a famous MTC haircut. The blending is a little funny, but check the pictures, you'll see.
   We got our flight plans, so we know the very minute we get to leave this place for the time of our lives. They made Syster Allred the travel leader. It's funny because she has never flown before, she is the only Syster, and she has to deal with eight teenage guys that are finally being let out of a cage. You may want to wish her luck. It's going to be great.  We report to the travel office at 4:35 AM on Monday, then head to the SLC airport.  We fly to Minneapolis, then Amsterdam, then Stockholm, getting there about 9 AM on Tuesday.  Can’t wait.
   Our teaching has been getting better. As we get better at Swedish, we are able to invite and point out the spirit more and more. It's really great. We've been talking in Swedish more often. I would type all this in Swedish, but I don't want to come home, read it, and embarrass myself with how bad I really was at the language. We had TRC with this week. We got to skype this guy named Tobius. He lives in Sweden. I have no idea what he said. It kind of shook my confidence in this language thing. I'll figure it out. When I get to Sweden, I'll be listening to this all day.
   I've been invited to help teach the new missionaries how to begin teaching this evening. I would be super excited for that except that I have to do it in English. I have no idea how to teach in English. If they wanted Swedish, I'm in. But this is going to be rough.
   This week after the Sunday devotional, we watched a movie call "The Life of Thomas S. Monson." It is kind of amazing. If you haven't seen it, you should. It was great.
   Good heavens. I can't really think of anything else to write about. All we do is sit around and study. I guess it's been pretty rainy... I've got some great pictures! There are really no stories behind any of them though. I hope everyone is having a great time... without me... No really. Everyone be awesome. I'll write when I'm in Sweden!
 Äldste Heiner
This is the zone as I will remember it.
Me and Amos.  We've become good friends.
He's cool and British.

Make sure Cameron M sees this one.
Me and the Icies selfie, staring into the sun.
I have an uncle who went to Iceland a long time ago.
A random shot of me and Smith.
The Swedish Flag and the Provo Temple.

An MTC action shot.
Post hair cut mirror selfie.
Photobomb courtesy of  Elder Bradley.
We got our travel plans!
Me and Amos flashing our foreign cash.
Eating a pickle in the residence hall.  Good times.
This one day, every article of clothing we wore
was exactly the same.  Freaky.
This is an exit sign.  

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