Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

So life here in Sweden is fun. This week seemed like it was just a day or so long, but as I look back on the week I see these things I did on Monday and it was four years ago. What is time? And why does time not stay the same?
   This week, we took a few trips up to Huskevarna, which is about an hour trip from our place, depending on the buses. But we had a referral who lives up there, so we went up there and she wasn't home. We knocked the apartment buildings on that street and had seven TUs, so that was awesome. So we came back twice to talk to the people. All that means is a little lot more time chilling on the bus.
   Anyway, we've been meeting with a less active man named T. He's an RM who got caught up in some weird doctrine stuff that wasn't real... but we asked him if he would help us with our Swedish, and he said yes, so we've been going through the lessons with him. Hopefully he'll be able to feel the spirit again.
   We went to Göteborg again. Because we could. Jag skojar (just kidding).  We went because we had zone training out there. We climbed a mountain and we were following a path of candles and there was lydnads sked that we used to hit the framgång (pronounced fram-gong, so it was funny), then there was the egg i tro, which was a really bad pun, and then we were at the top of the mountain, and Äldste Hansen was in this cloak and was sacrificing another Äldste who was being "disobedient" and we had to hit the framgång and shout "FAITH" so the disobedience (that's who Hansen was) would stop and back off, then we threw the egg i tro... and there was this cliff... so that was something.
   When we got back and taught this Hungarian named H. He's a bro. He does everything that we ask him so far. He already read through all of first Nephi and he's well into second Nephi, and came to church, and it's been, like four days.
   Anyway, we had a chalk art activity. All of the missionaries went to a public square and we drew the picture of Jesus visiting the American continent. It turned out well in the end. We had to leave early for a lesson, but it looked pretty good when we left. We contacted, like 200 people that day. I thought this was funny, so here is a description of the even in Äldste Anderson's own words:
"Afterwards we went to a square in the city center and finally did the chalk art activity.  We were thinking we were doing the Plan of Salvation, but Sister Sorensen who is the artist had already started drawing the picture in the Book of Mormon of Christ visiting the Nephites.  That was a little above my artistic level, so after about 5 minutes with chalk in my hands I assigned myself to be the contactor, so while the other 5 missionaries drew I stopped people and tried to talk to them about the Book of Mormon.  It was a lot of fun!  The sisters had invited an investigator to help, and probably the best way to describe her is a free spirit.  Her eccentric choices of colors weren't exactly what we were looking for, and Jesus soon had purple hair and others had bright green hair, which made things pretty interesting.  The sisters decided it would be best to go teach her more about the church and get her away from the chalk haha.  So I continued to contact while Elder Heiner who is color blind tried to fix it up a bit.  Enough said.  But I did get to talk to lots of interesting people and give out a few Book of Mormons and got a number from a guy named A."
   So yeah. It worked out alright, I think...
   One night we played capture the flag with the YSAs and our investigators. It was fun. Afterwards, the Röndalls, who are just about the coolest people you will ever meet, invited us over for a lemon pie. It was really good. Then they let me take a shot of straight saft (the lemon juice). It was great. Most people think that's weird. Or something. I thought it was wonderful, and they thought it was funny, so yeah.
   On Saturday, the Systerer had a baptism, so we were there to help out. Äldste Anderson was asked to baptize because he has the same last name as Syster Anderson, who was his teacher. It was good. The next day in sacrament meeting, I was asked to confirm him, so that was an awesome experience. After church, we rolled out to the Röndalls for a massive amount of food. Because the Röndalls are amazing.
   Anyway, so that leaves us at today. There is so much rain. And wind. So much we can't use umbrellas. So we're having fun. I think it's hilarious. I hope everyone has a great time,
Äldste Heiner

Me and Kebab Pizza.
Some of the toppings are french fries, peppers,
meat, and a yogurt/sour cream sauce.
Me and Anderson on the mountain in Göteborg.
Me on the mountain.
Look what we made on p-day.
No, it was the awesome Röndalls!
The chalk drawing, that explains my hands a bit, I guess.
The drawing when we had to leave.
This is what Jönköping looks like from the mountains in
Huskevarna where we were teaching this week.
This sticker is on every single elevator.
Every single on.
Why, because elevators don't have doors on them.
That's why.
And lastly, this is an exit sign.

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