Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Okay. This week. We were busy and we taught a lot, so that was good. We're all happy and healthy, so that's good.  We have a keyboard in the apartment I’ve been using to learn more piano stuff.  I like it. So that's good. So let's get down into the details....
   Monday was all laundry and emailing and then we went to the mall to shop around for some things that Elder Carlson didn't have, like a spring jacket. So that was pretty fun. We found a really good pizza place with all you can eat and free refills on the soda! You don't get that in Sweden. So it was good. We went bowling in the evening with the YSAs for family home evening. It was super fun.
   Tuesday was hectic. We had more legal stuff to do for Elder Carlson to be in Sweden and then had lunch and after a ton of studying we went out and met with some people. We met with Daniel and he decided that it was time to take a break, so we won't meet with him for a while. Eh. Then after some area work and teaching people we went to Awesome Tuesday and hung out with David and Ida and taught them and they fed us really good food. Awesome Tuesday is the best.
   Wednesday was crazy. We ended up being at the church all day. We got blåsted first and that was weird because the guy we were planning to teach called us at 6 in the morning to set it up for that day. He called like three times. Then we taught English class, swung by a lady across the street, practiced a lesson with a member of the branch presidency while waiting for Emil, who taught Swedish class. Then we went out to Rasdom and met with his family. Crazy stuff.
   Thursday was district meeting and right before we got on the train to Örebro crazy dude came up to us and started to rant how everything that we taught was true. We gave him a Mormons Bok and then a different man came up and told him not to trust us and started leading him away by the arm. The guy was all, "Okay I won't" then turned around and was all, "You guys are legit." Weird. After we got home we went over to a member who had us and an investigator for dinner lunch. It was really good.
   Friday was tracting. All day. It was good. We found some people. Then in the evening we had dinner with the stake president and his family. Super awesome people.
   Saturday we were in Sala. We met with a member then with an investigator way up there. He needs help, so we hope to figure that one out.
   Yesterday was a lot of teaching during church then studies and weekly planning and giving blessings and sacrament and then dinner. And I'm out of time.

Everyone have a great week!
Ä Heiner
Carson and I out tracting.
Bowling with the YSA

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