Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Well people of the outside world and people of the inside world and just all the people in general who might be reading this, I want you to know: don't take time for granted because it will bite you in the butt when you realize you've been on a mission for a whole year and you have less than a year left. Because that happened to me and it was super messed up.
   On Monday we did normal pday stuff until six. We then fired up the grill for a YSA activity. We grilled so much korv. After hemafton we booked it over to the Fernströms to teach them about the church. It went super well. They're really cool people, just super forgetful.
   Tuesday had us working out in Bäckby again. Got blåsted, that's always fun. Talked to a few more people and then had a little extra time for language study, so we got haircuts to learn that aspect of the language. We have way shorter hair. Then we had AWESOME TUESDAY. Awesome Tuesday is awesome.
   Wednesday was fast. We were with a ton of members, and it was super fun. We were able to have dinner with an older man named Fred. He is super freaking awesome. He was baptized about four years ago after meeting with the missionaries for 40 years. His wife was a member for all that time, but she past away last year after 60 years of marriage. He is just an amazing man who is strong in faith and loves his God.
   We were in Rönnby on Thursday. Turns out that no one in that part of town really likes religion in any way, shape, or form. We'll work a little more on it. Really long day.
   On Friday we had a zone conference. The first half was normal, and we talked some more about how to use the Book of Mormon better in teaching and finding. But for the second half, we all went to a room where all the chairs were set up in a circle and had "family home evening" with President and Sister Beckstrand. They let us ask them any questions we wanted and they just answered and talked about their lives. At the end they told us about their experience of getting called to be the mission president and wife. It was really cool to get to know them better and see how much they really care about us.
   We met with a couple people in Sala on Saturday. One of which was a dirty old man. He needs to not think the way he thinks.  And then we also met with Molisho. He is having a really hard time in his life right now and so we read Ether 6 with him and he loved it. He was talking about how it was exactly what he was going through and I was all, "yes... YES...." But not out loud.
   Sunday was crazy too. I did a lot of things during church, including teaching lessons I knew about, lessons I had no idea about, and giving blessings. After church we found time to work more out in Bäckby. Good stuff. It was a good week.
   I hope everyone has a great week! Have a good one!

Äldste Heiner
Cool little å through town.
Sweden.  And there is no one outside to talk to. 
4 of my MTC group that are in the same zone now.
I made fried rice.
Pretty Stuff.
There was this super sketchy door in the
middle of everything.
So we knocked on it.
We had some extra time so we went in a straight
line.  Made us feel like we were serving a jungle
mission or something.

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