Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Dear everybody of the world, but more specifically those reading this,
I had a pretty great week this week. Prayer is a freaking awesome thing, I hope you all know that. I've gotten into this thing where I pray with everyone I can on the street, and it's been great. Pray. Pray a lot. Pray with your family. Pray with your friends. Pray by yourself. Yes.
Monday, pday  last week... While we sat at the church I played piano. I really like doing that. I have a ton of piano music.
Tuesday we were out working and praying with people and it was super good and then we went to Awesome Tuesday! It was... Awesome. Again. I love Awesome Tuesday.
Wednesday we were at the church and we were going to meet with two TU's but they both cancelled, but in really awkward timing because we couldn't leave to go do something else, we just had to sit there waiting for the next thing to happen. Eventually we taught English Class and then had Grensråd (Branch counsel). It went really well. Then we taught a couple on the street coming home, so hopefully they decide the church should be a big deal in their lives again. They left the church while they lived in Chile twenty or so years ago when a member said that the Church came to Chile to clear out communism. So. That's not true. eh..
We were doing less active swing bys all Thursday and then no one really wanted to talk to us except this super chill guy from Cameroon. And he was just a guy on the street. Prayed with him. He wants to talk about Mormons Book more. Jjjääässs......
On Friday we went to Zone Training in Eskilstuna! It was... good... but I got to see a whole lot of people I haven't seen in a really long time! It was super fun. Then when we got back we did the whole lesson thing with people. We taught a lot this week.
Saturday taught me what pain is. The Awesome Tuesday lady, Ida, she's a trainer and she invited us to one of her classes, so we had to go. It was actually really fun, but body step is really freaking hard. Have any of you ever done body step? Freak. My. Life. I'm still in pain. Then we prayed with a Catholic lady too. She was nice.
We had church yesterday, som normal. We had some less active members show up too! In the evening, we had some Persians feed us.... They make some freaking amazing food, those people.
Also, I'm out of time, so I hope you enjoyed this segment of my life! Have it good!
Äldste Heiner
Elder Carlson loves this picture of me.
Arabic.  Should have been my mission language.
Sunset from our window.  At 10:30.
It's starting to go down at least.

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