Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Hello everybody in the range of the volume of this text. This has easily been my highest teaching week I've ever had, and it's all thanks to street lessons. We honestly didn't have too much planned for this week, but we did all that and then went to the park and gave out books. A lot of them. And then people wanted to know what they were for. So we told them. And then we did all the teaching stuff that missionaries like to do. So yeah.
On Monday we did pday stuff like we do. Laundry, groceries, chilling, then we played volleyball for family home evening, and a bunch of Persian people wanted to play, and so we played with them and they all got a free book too! Hopefully they read it, it's a pretty good book.
Tuesday was about the only day with appointments to keep, so we decided to keep them. We taught some things on the street on our was to this super sick Nigerian dude who is going to read the book and so that's chill. Then we met with a Syrian dude who's going to read the book, so that's chill. And then we had Awesome Tuesday. It was awesome. I love David and Ida.
Wednesday was the day we did the bulk of the park blitzing. Three hours. 15 lessons. I've taught less lessons in a week than I did in those three hours. That was the highlight of that day, so Imma move on.
Thursday was district meeting. We were out in Örebro for a good long while because summer schedules for tågs are some of the most annoying things in the world. But we had a great time. We have a fun group. Got home, did English class, got fed, I like food.
Friday was comparatively slow. We were only able to meet with Ingela, our most positive investigator, and she committed to a bunch of really important things. Like praying. And reading. That stuff is a big deal.
Saturday's highlight was a branch party. Grill fest!  It was super fun. I had a great time, and we were able to talk to a bunch of people who don't come to church very often too. So yeah.
Sunday had us in church. I translated into English for a German lady. I also babysat a one year old and a three year old for a very stressed mother. In the middle of Elders Quorum. Probably the first time in a long while small children were present in that meeting. It was super fun. We played with crayons and cut paper hearts and yeah. The priesthood thought it was the funniest thing....
Anyway. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Thanks for all the support! Have it good!

Äldste Heiner
Grens Fest
Great Juice
Cool! The new Liahona's are here.
A map of Västerås.
Carlson with his pizza.
This is a big picture in a restaurant we were
eating at.

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