Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Hello to all the people. This was a week. And for the first time on my mission, life is moving at normal speed. It's super weird. I do not have much time writing time and my mother wants lots of details. This will be interesting.
   We had pday on Monday. We walked around and had a good time and then emailed a bunch and then went to Pia's (Hi Pia!) house for hemafton with her and David (Hi David) for the evening. Super good stuff. Pia made pizza. It was really good.
   Tuesday was all over the place. We were out in Flen for a woman that wanted to meet with us and also her friend. It was interesting. I think they were just old ladies who were bored so they invited us over. They live out in Flen, so we ended up coming back later in the day. Then we met with Ferdi. Then we worked. On the street. You know, like we do.
   We had liksom nothing for Wednesday, so we did some area book stuff, making lists for people to swing by and then we went out to talk to people. Then we met with Ferdi again. He's a bro. Then we met up with Pia right before we had Gospel Principals. Then Pia gave me a bit of a hair trim (Thanks Pia!) because President was going to be at meeting this week and I hadn't had a haircut in a transfer or two. I actually forget when I had a haircut last.
   Thursday was good. Nothing interesting enough to tell you about.
   We had a zone training on Friday! In the words of Elder Colton Smith, "On Friday we went to Södertälje (near Stockholm) for zone training. President and Sister Beckstrand were there as well as the assistants. I got an interview with President Beckstrand and it went well. Our zone training was mostly about chapter 13 in Preach My Gospel, how we can help investigators to feel comfortable and prepared in church and how we can work better with members." We had dinner with a super awesome family that evening too.
   I'm just going to send a picture of my planner for Saturday.
   Sunday was super crazy. Lots of people talked to us and we had church and a bunch of people came and we worked really hard and then had dinner with some super cool people.
   I love my mission! I love the Lord! Have it good!
Äldste Heiner
Interesting things around Flen.
Ferdi and a white shirt and tie.
Train ride.
Zone training.
What! A water fountain!
A pretty lake.
Somebody put dish soap in the fountain.  Not funny.
Okej. Pretty funny.
These two people we contacted wanted pictures
and so we got some too.
These things aren't used for this,
 but Elder Johanson will tell you otherwise.
 We actually have no idea what they're for,
but they are all around Sweden.

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  1. Haha, HI! Love this weeks letter. Ferdi looked so smashing in shirt and a tie! And if you need to cut down the rest of the hair i would love to do that, but you know that already! Its so weird to read about the fhe evening from last week after we just had the new one here. Keep up the good work fire!