Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

This was a week. And I don't have too much time to tell you every detail (sorry mom), so here we go!!
   On Monday we had pday! We tried to go to Björnö, but the other guy's bikes were having some major problems, so we didn't end up making it. I think we're going to take the bus in an hour or so. In the evening, we played mafia with the YSAs and it was super fun! Afterward we ate ice cream because that's what you do after YSA activities.
   Tuesday was pretty... eh... bipolar. We were blåsted by a couple people, but we were still able to talk to and teach a few other people. It was good. In the evening we AWESOME TUESDAY!! It was awesome.
   Wednesday was a pretty sick conference in VH (the place with the temple) and we got a bunch of instruction of the use of Preach My Gospel. USE PREACH MY GOSPEL! EVEN YOU!
   Thursday was full of tracting, teaching, teaching English class, and hanging out with people who made us pie. It was good.
   Friday was splits with the Karlstad Elders! I was with Elder Bradley and it was super fun, even though we worked in the worst place to work in Västerås. We still taught quite a bit and we contacted a ton of people.
   Saturday was cool. We taught a bunch, but we met with this dude named Peter. He's super sick and he totally wants to know about truth. I'm excited for him. He actually came to church on
   Sunday and it was Awesome! We taught a bunch at church and then we had to get some weekly planning done because we hadn't done that yet.
   Have a great week everyone! Thanks for everything you all do. God is good, the church is true, the book is blue, but it should be read.

Äldste Heiner
Forest Shot.
I saw Elder Richardson on Wednesday,  He's from the
Eugene area, too. 
Elder Smith and I matched perfectly for the
conference, down to the socks.
This is our investigator, T.
Some Västerås shots!

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