Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hello everybody! This was a really tiring week! We worked really hard and had a lot of success, but we are beat and ready for a good pday. Here’s a little of what we did...
   On Monday, the Norrköping elders came through town on their way to a weird part of their area to visit a less active, so we went to the Vinåker outlet with them! It was super fun, and may just be the last time I see Elder Jones on my mission. Hopefully not. I think we're going to Norrköping for a baptism this week, so that should be super good! In the evening, we had hemafton with Pia and David, who will be reading this, and I made orange chicken for that. I thickened the sauce too much. I'm sorry :(
   On Tuesday, we visited a friend in the hospital because he had to get checked up for a leg problem. We hung out with him for that. And then the Eskilstuna elders showed up! Why you may ask? Well, we did a thing called splits. That's when I was with Elder Mott in Katrineholm and Elder Johanson was with Elder Thacker in Eskilstuna. Elder Mott and I did a ton of work. We started in Kholm working the streets, and then had a baptismal interview for one of our investigators, had another lesson in town with a young woman learning about the church, then we had another lesson on the street, then I taught a super drunk guy the importance of drinking water, and then committed him to drink eight glasses of water a day. THEN we took a train to Vinåker and had a couple lessons there. Came home, super tired, went to bed after dinner.
   On Wednesday, Elder Mott and I took a train out to Eskilstuna, where we switched back to our normal companionships. When we got home, we cleaned up a bit and had lunch and then my mother’s prayers were answered. We got our hairs cut by an investigator while we taught him. It's been almost three transfers... That dude took so much hair off the top of my head... Everyone in town has noticed. It's a small town, everyone CAN notice. Anyway, we had a couple lessons with some new converts (AKA Pia and Hadi) before we then taught Evangeliets Principer. We had some guests come to that and I taught a little lesson for one of them off on the side, and then afterwards, we split off with members to teach people more individually. It was super good and super long...
   Thursday was kinda weird. It was about the only day that we didn't have anything planned. Then the morning of, we got like four things set up, so we were super busy. We started by taking our bikes to the repair shop because they are missionary bikes and they need it. They said it would be cheaper to buy new bikes. So... yeah. Then we met with a less active man who is going to help us help other less active guys become active. Should be a great plan!  We met with a Chinese lady who was teaching a student to learn English, so we helped out with that. Then afterwards we were invited to the teacher’s home on söndag to grill! We'll get to that... In the evening, we had dinner in Flen with a super cool lady that we have dinner with every week. She likes to scare people. She loves Halloween. She's pretty excited for the coming weeks.
   On Friday, we were in Eskilstuna early for an early district meeting because everyone was too busy to put it at a normal time. We went straight from Eskilstuna to Flen where we had a lesson planned... in a high school! There was a religion class that asked us to come. It was super fun and it could have lasted for forever, but we only had an hour and a half with the kids. We had a great time. We came back to kholm after that and had a couple lessons in the library with Pia and Ferdi! We have some pretty awesome people around here. After that, we had dinner with the Palomino family. I love them too. Super awesome people!
   On Saturday, we taught some temple prep and then had some lessons out of town. We went to Biltema with Ferdi too. He really wanted to show us the joint.
   Sunday was all like... Kyrkan... and then more temple prep... then like we went out to Bie because if you'll remember, we had to have a grill! So we did and it was super fun. We hung out with this super sick family and talked about pretty much everything. I had a ton of fun.

Anyway. That's pretty much all my time! Have a great week all you!
Äldste Heiner
Shopping at the factory outlet.
Elder Mott and I.
Getting a haircut.
The after cut photo.
A doorknob!  WHAT?
We got Reeces.
Some fog pics.
With the class in Flen.
This sign is showing you the way out of the tunnel.
The way out is at the end of the tunnel.
Jul is coming...
Biggest tools I ever did see.
Grace is a super big Star Wars fan.
This is her sick light saber.
And she taught us a little about how to use Chinese characters.
This board is made of fabric that turns black when wet.
It's genius for learning how to write.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing week! Grace is so cool, she is a sith. Haha! The orange chicken was awesome(just little to much chili). The haircut was perfect I think. I love that you went out to teach in a school class, I wish I have had the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in school. Keep up the good work!