Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Hey to all of you all! We had a really good week this week. We were able to meet with a lot of people and do a goodly amount of sharing the truth which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, something that I learned again this week, if you eat a kilo and a half of godies, your body is going to hate you. Specifically your stomach. Because mine does right now.
   Last week on Monday we went to a place called Vinåker. It has exactly nothing in the town except for a factory outlet which has super cheep clothing. Like Tiger suits. Really cheep Tiger suits. So we went and looked at them. I really want one... Then we had hemafton with Pia and David (HI!) and we had food and had a good time and it's always super good.
   Tuesday was cool. We were going to meet with a bunch of peeps and then they were all, "Nah..." But we were able to meet with some other people that wanted to talk, so that was nice.
   We probably had the highlight of Gospel Principles on Wednesday. We taught about how the priesthood is organized in the church. There's not too much to question on that one. It's was just like, "Så är det..."
   We went to Södertälje for district meeting, and coming back was the fist time that we didn't have any problems with travel in that town. I've been lost there so many times. But something cool we did was ukulele contacting. We all went out on the street and sang hymns to the uke and contacted people as a district. It went pretty well. It was fun. It was weird. When we got back from the meeting, we met with  few more investigators, and even got a new investigating family! We're pretty excited.
   Friday was full of impromptu lessons with investigators that we weren't expecting to meet with. Then we went out to Flen and had dinner with a very nice member woman.
   Saturday was conference! If you didn't do conference, get to and watch it. It's super good.I really liked the testimony of Elder Renlund. I'm going to really like hearing from him, I can feel it.  I bought about 1.3 kilo godies and ate it all in two days. Well... one 24 hour period of time. It feels not too great. And then Sunday too. All of Sunday was conference. Super awesome stuff.
   That was my week! I hope everyone has a great one and watch more conference!!
Äldste Heiner

The Bible is in the detective section.
Sweater Weather!
Julmust is back!
We were in Stockholm Central.
A cool building for mother to look at.
Getting a little artsy with flowers.
Cool sunset picture from the train.
Conference selfie.
I decided I wanted to see what my hair
 looked like slicked back.
So I tried Elder Johanson's super strong strength gel.
My hair is too strong for it.
Then we found hair wax in our apartment. So... yeah.

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  1. HI!!!!
    Its so weird to read about last week when you just been here for FHE this week. Haha! Thank you for watching the conference with me this weekend it was awesome! I had all my questions answered, AGAIN! You had a great letter this week, and you have worked so hard and i am proud of you! Thank you for the Gospel principles lesson, It is so good to know how the priesthood is organized. I would love to talk more aboutt that!. And a special HI to your MOM! Thank you for putting this up! Love to read it/Pia