Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

   Hello all of the people! How is it going with the all of you? Fun fact of the week, if you were to go three months in the future of Thursday, I would be standing in the Eugene Oregon airport. Isn't that funny? Freaks me out, actually. Like a lot. I have less than three months before I take off the badge.
   Anyway. No time to think about that.
   This week was super good! We were able to get out and work hard and make sure that our baptism this week went smoothly, and it did! That was easily the highlight of the week. The actual baptism was a breeze to make sure happened, we just went out and picked up Maryam and brought her to the church where everything was ready to go! We had a sweet program and she was baptized by the member that brought her to church. It was super good! Her confirmation the Sunday after is a completely different story. We give her a call like ten minutes before sacrament meeting starts and and we're all like, "So where are you?" "I'll be there in thirty minutes," says she. Well that just wasn't going to fly thinks we, and we grab the closest member with a car and we whip out to her home and pick her up to get her back to her confirmation. It was pretty fun, a little stressful, but everything that needed to happen did, so I'm not worried about it at all.
   Another thing that happened this week was a transfer call from president. I'll be heading up to Göteborg, the second biggest city, from here, Malmö,  the third biggest city. Keeping the proximity of the end of my mission in mind, we can assume that this will be the area of my death. I would not be surprised at all. In fact, if I moved again, I would be quite shocked.
   So yeah, those are my two big news blips for the day. Another fun thing that happened this week were the two eight year old baptisms that were on Saturday. We were asked to attend both of them, so that was fun.
   Ever had a member drive you around in a rickshaw? Well let me tell you about the time we did. We show up to a member meal and the member is all like, "Oh we ain't going inside bros... Hop in." So I do and Elder DeMordaunt is all, "Naw man, I'll be on this skateboard and you can just drag me." So and hour and a half later, after doing rickshaw contacting with this member, it's time to go home, so we do. Hilarious evening. That'll probably be one of those mission stories that I tell my grand kids.
   Well, that's it for me! Have a great week!
Äldste Heiner
Baptism Pic.
What does this tell you about the difference between
elders and sisters?
Me and the African three Nephites of Malmö.
This is the member we rickshawed with.
 Super fun guy.
Did you know weeds in Swedish looked like this?
 I did. So I took a picture.

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  1. Way to go Benjamin!
    It looks like you had another super good week. Can't believe that Miriam went down to meet you guys. Wish I could too. But I'm going to try to come down in June to meet you up. Even if it's just for lunch.
    Keep up the good work and yes I love weeds in Sweden!