Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

   Happy Swedish National Day everyone! We have a ward party to be at in 45 minutes, so I'll make this quick, but what else is new, right?
   We went to Stockholm this week for a meeting and we were able to see some old friends, including, but not limited to, my trainer who is back in Sweden for an internship! That was super fun! Also, one of my best friends from Katrineholm, Hadi! He's working in Stockholm right now and we were able to meet up. Great guy.
   This week we had a big meeting with the missionaries we work with about the enduring covenants of the temple. It went really well. The temple is the best.
   We were also able to attend a Swedish high school graduation. Crazy stuff. Look it up on YouTube.
   I think that's a good rundown of my life right now. Have a great week all of the people!
Elder Heiner
A very true statement about life in Sweden.
Zone pic!
Meeting in Stockholm.

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  1. First off...thank you for the call yesterday! It was so needed, you're one of the best missionaries ever.
    Were did you ind thy book, that is so true. Haha!
    I loved the pictures. I'm so jealous you met Bailey, Falkner, Johanson, Perkins and Hadi. He's the best little brother ever. I love him. See you in less the. Two weeks.
    Love, Pia