Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

This week was craaazzzzy, but we'll get to that. But it was. Just be on the edge of your seats there.
   After emailing last week, Äldste Anderson and I went thrift shopping! We hit up three stores around town and blew a hundred crowns each. But we got some good stuff, and it was a ton of fun. Systrerna couldn't make it. They were cleaning their apartment because they were being doubled out this week. So, I'm glad I wasn't doing that. At the end of pday, we just did some area work out in Österängen. We really hadn't set anything else up. Turned out to be some of our only free time to do area work though.
   Also this week, we kind of blåsted church watch... we really shouldn't do that, but we did. We had other things to do, like go to a member's home who wanted to feed us. Who are we to say no to that kind of offer anyway? Both of our sessions of church watch kind of came and went, and we weren't really there. The syster deal this week confused them on all of that, so we didn't really have anyone at the church at all this week. I hope nobody broke the norm and came during church watch while nobody was around...
   Onsdag was something. Changed up quite a bit, really. We got out of the house pretty early and went to the systers apartment. We're not usually allowed to do that. We then carried both Syster Fawcett's and Syster Sorenson's luggage all to way to a nearby bus stop, where we took up a good portion of the bus with all this stuff. We then got off at Juneportan with all of this, and met up with a tåg that would take Syster Fawcett to Malmö. We then stood around with Syster Sorenson for a while before her tåg to Trollhätan came to the station. Then we continued our day, without any systers for miles. Went to a few appointments, including a member lunch, so it was a great day. We then walked around for a few hours talking to people. We were supposed to only walk around for half an hour, but the new systers coming in missed two trains in a row. Pinsam. So it turned into four hours. It's okay. We pulled, like, three TU's. Finally the new systers arrive, and we immediately take them to their apartment, because they have no idea where it is. We give them their phone, bus passes, transfer reports, the works. Oh... their names are Syster Stewart and Syster Lindsay (Syster Lindsay is a greenie, and I am now not the youngest missionary! Well, age wise, I still am, but I've been out longer!). We then take them to a member appointment we had set up, and got fed again! Twice in one day. It was great. As a joke, Anderson and I got them both a big bar of chocolate. Filled with black licorice. The wrapping doesn't really say it has licorice. Anyway, we left them on their way, and we went home and called everyone else in the district. Because they were all new. Everybody was transferred except us. And Syster DeMille, who was a greenie until Wednesday, where she started training Syster Savage right out of the MTC. Wouldn't want to be in those shoes. We also have two other elders in the district, Elders Miles and Dickson. Dickson is right out of the MTC too. So everyone in our district is either a trainer or a greenie. Yay. But I'm not the youngest! Well, I mean.... I'm not the one who just came out of the MTC! I'm still the youngest though...
   Anyway. That was Wednesday. On the day of Thor, we went to Göteborg! Because why not? Okay, we had zone training. We got up, and since we live right next to the train station, we just got onto the train and tried to hold it up a bit because the new systers weren't quite... on time... We succeeded though, and they got into the tåg right before we rolled out. So that was good that didn't get screwed up. We then went all the way to Göteborg and had zone training. It was on prayer, and it was really good. We all need to pray more. Everyone. The entire zone then went to this tiny kebab place and filled it up. The workers seemed a little surprised, but they made really good pizzas. By the time we all got home, it was late afternoon, so we went out and hit up some TU's in Öxehaga. We even go to teach a couple of lessons. It was good.
   On Friday, we got up early to take the tåg to Nässjö so we could teach our Hungarian friend on the train. It went really well. He said that he wants to be baptized, but he feels like the church needs a whole man, and with his schedule, he is not a whole man. So that was good. We'll work on him. Got to Nässjö and said goodbye, turned around, and came back to Jönköping. We did our weekly planning, met with someone, and went to a hockey match.
   Oh yeah. We went to a hockey match. It was crazy! We had an investigator with us, so it was a-okay to go! We have some pretty fun pictures of it on the phone, but I didn't bring the right cord for that, so we're just going to have to wait for those next week. But I think I'm a fan of hockey now. We had ringside tickets, so we got to see some really great stuff. The team around here is HV71. That is a really weird name. No other team I have ever heard of has that name, including Swedish hockey. I got one of their scarves though. It looked cool, and it is really comfy. So there.
   Saturday was spent inventorying our apartment. The POEs told everyone that they wouldn't send us our mail until we did it, so we did it. I think they're lying anyway. The POEs don't even deal with mail.
   But yeah, that was the week, I think I had a good time. I really didn't have much time to myself, and I didn't get to write my weekly thank you notes. But it is Monday, so I think I'll do it right now, if that is okay.

Thank you Swedish money, for helping me lose weight, and looking too cool to spend.

Thank you Sweden's lack of deodorant, for getting Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" stuck in my head.

I think that's all for me! Everyone have a great day!

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