Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hey ya'll, I'm not going to do the third person thing again. That was really annoying and time consuming. I hope you liked it anyway. This week was pretty crazy. Although I felt relatively lazy because we were sitting around the church quite a bit.Not because we wanted to, but because we were blåsted about 80 times. Almost every time we set up a lesson with a TU (I just realized you don't know what that is... tankbara undersökare or first investigators), they would just not come, but we would have an appointment set up in just a little bit, so we couldn't go do work anywhere, so we just did studies during that time. It was relatively annoying, but we dealt with it. So yeah, that was a goodly portion of our time. I did get to practice some piano, so that was good. I'm actually getting to the point where I can play the hymns again, so that's good. Maybe that will come in handy some time.
   Another thing we did was we help with a lady who's less active husband just passed away. It was really sad. She only speaks Farsi though, so we just sat there and tried to communicate through her sister who spoke broken Danish. Eventually, we were able to get a hold of someone who could actually speak Persian and can communicate with someone who speaks Farsi, so that was a relief. We got a good ten minutes of comforting in her own language. That was a rough one.
   We did go knocking doors quite a bit. We didn't have too many people to teach, so any time we didn't have anything planned, we went up to Öxnehaga. During a contacting stand of about four hours during one trip, we talked with over fifty people and got about fifteen TUs. We usually get about one TU for one hundred contacts or so, so that was a really good day.
   We began meeting with an Assyrian guy who seems really cool. He actually called us, so we set up a time to meet, and he came! And we taught him, and he came to meetings and stuff, so hopefully he turns out to be someone that wants to meet more. We are still meeting with our Hungarian friend, but he now is working in Nässjö, so that's kind of hard to find time to talk to him. I guess that kind of brings us to the topic of work and housing in Sweden, so I'll explain that.
   Everyone lives in an apartment building here. There are houses, but they are ridiculously expensive and are about a hundred miles away from anywhere, so nobody really has those in the areas we are in. Housing in Sweden is really expensive. It is also really hard to find an apartment. You cannot find a place easily. Every single place is occupied and you just have to go from complex to complex hoping to find an open spot. That being said, it is almost as hard to find work here. If you don't have a place to live, you can't get a job. If you have a place to live, you have to take any work you can find. So that's why people will live in Jönköping, but will be totally fine commuting four hours to and from Nässjö every day. It's hard on a lot of people. I feel bad for quite a few of them. Anyway, that's just the way it is here.
   This weekend was General Conference! If you don't know what that is, go here and watch all of it. It's great: 
It's the Prophet talking to us! In Sweden, they translate it to Swedish, but everyone speaks some English, so they watch it in English to hear exactly what was said. They do prefer to hear the prophet's own voice, and the translators have a lot less emotion.  So I got to see it in English. T'was fantastic. So we just did that for the rest of the weekend. Got fed a few times, so that was fun too.  Well, I haven't seen the last session because it was during, like, midnight. So we're watching that for pday.
 I think that's just about it for today. I hope everyone is having a great time! If you have questions about Sweden, where I am, or just what in the living day lights I'm doing, just let me know.
 Äldste Heiner
These little ponds are all over the place.
We knock on this door all the time.
Thoughtful editing by Äldste Anderson.
When these signs are on the door,
we don't knock.

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