Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

I would say that this week seemed a little longer than most. At least four days long. At least. It just seemed to drag on and on forever and ever....
   Lemme see... On Monday, we just kind of took it lugnt for a few hours. Played some cards with the systrar.  After pday ended, we went and talked to the guy we're trying to help quit smoking, and snusing now too. I think he's going a bit senile, really. He was talking about when he went and visited heaven the other day, and about how he really doesn't think any of his good spirits still live in his body. Eh. We'll see about him. But the then the YSA's asked us to come to their family home evening, so we went and taught the lesson. Then we were asked to stay around for a while and play their little singing game where you had to have a song and try to help people guess it, but only with six words, and it was really simple in Swedish... But everyone only listens to American music here, so I did really well. So that was a day.
   On Tuesday... wow.............. the things on Tuesday seemed to happen, like, a month ago.... TIME! WHY HAVE YOU SWITCHED AGAIN? Anyway. We just kind of chilled out at the church for an hour for church watch, but then a member of the stake president asked us to team teach a college class with him, so we did that. The systrar showed up for that too. This class had some questions that belonged in a circus because they were intense (intense, in tents, circus.... get it? Sorry....). But they grilled us on the questions ranging from God's wife to why women didn't hold the priesthood. I guess it was really nice to have the systrar explain that one, it probably sounds way better from them than from us. But that went on for a while. After the class officially ended, I team taught a group of nine girls and a guy with Syster Stewert and Syster Lindsay while Äldste Anderson team taught a group of five with the guy from the Stake. We had quite the discussions going on. In the end, ten of them took a copy of Mormons Bok, and a bunch of the other ones took other stuff too. That pretty much ended that day. Wait, no, we went to the university and taught a guy in the library in the middle of everything. That was interesting. He seems pretty positive too.
   On Wednesday, we had district meeting in the morning here in Jönköping. So we didn't have to travel or anything. That was nice. Then we found ourselves with a ton of time, so we knocked on a bunch of doors. Then we went to Visingsö. That's right. The big island in the middle of the lake. There happens to be a less active family who lives in the middle of nowhere on the island, so we went out there to visit them. We actually had a very good conversation with them. It was fun. Then we came home and the Assistants to the Mission President were at our apartment all like, "Can we stay the night?" And we were all, "Sure, whatever." So we stayed up pretty late talking to them about the happenings around the mission.
   The next day, we got up and saw the Assistants out, and went and helped a member family move some stuff. Shout out to Aaron Green for teaching me how to move stuff. I've used it a ton out here. After we moved a washer, dryer, some couches and a table, we went to a different members house for lunch. It was really great. He told us his conversion story, so that was really awesome. Then we had half of a day to knock some doors. And we did. We found a family! Yay! I hope they end up taking all the lessons, but they seem really positive. We're really excited for them.
   On Friday, between all of our finding stuff, we worked on our area book. We kind of have neglected doing that for a while, so we decided to look at it. Got quite a bit of it done, too. That's fun. After all the entire day of chilling out at the university talking to people and just working on stuff at the church, we went to out activity! Innebandy! It's like floor hockey, but with a wiffle ball, and really tiny goals. It was really fun, but I was really sore afterwards. For the next few days really.
   Saturday was annoying and I didn't like it, so I'm not going to talk about it.
   Throughout this week, we took the train in the morning to talk to our Hungarian friend. I don't think he really knows that we take the train to be with him, I think he thinks that we just happen to be traveling to Nässjö also. But we have gotten a few good words in. We'll see if he ends up finding the time to come to church.
   And yesterday after church, we went to Nässjö again to see the Burmese family there. They are really cool, and we're working on them. I have high hopes for them too. But that was really the week.
   I think this week was pretty good, I think I had a good time in general, so yeah, lots of fun. But I am running a bit low on time, I need to write my thank you notes, but I won't have time unless I do it now, I hope you don't mind.

Thank you random beeping on the bus, for giving me nightmares about waking up at 6:30 again. In the middle of the day.

Thank you Elders apartments, for being very clear that only twenty year-old guys have been living in them for the past ten years.

I hope everyone is having a great time! Have a good week!
 Äldste Heiner

This is the Burmese Family.
We went to Goteborg for training.
This is one of the canals.
The hockey game from last week.
Me with my HV71 scarf.
We organized our shelves.
This is one of a set of twins in our ward.
He wouldn't stop hugging my leg for a
good five minutess

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