Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

This week was a great week. We were able to get a ton of work done, and we really just got back into the groove of missionary work after the entire holiday season finally winded down (It's a lot longer here in Sweden). That being said, our Monday and Tuesday did not really turn out as we wanted them to. We had a bunch of things set up, but they all fell through except for one meeting. That meeting was good. It was with an investigator who kind of just said that she liked where she was spiritually, so it really didn't go as we wanted it to. So those two days were probably our slowest days. But it all changed Wednesday morning.
   On Wednesday, we both decided that we were going to work super hard that day, and it totally payed off. We did swing bys in the morning, which gave us a lesson and a new investigator. After lunch, we met with Huba, and had lessons with two other people we trackted in to, we also got four other TU's on that trackting stund. We ended the evening with Tommy, and then went home, super tired. It was a great day though. We had a really good day that day.
   Thursday ended up being really good too. We had an early morning lesson with on of the TU's, and her husband decided he was interested too, so they both became new investigators. They are both super positive, and I'm excited to see where they go. We were then invited to help out with a member in the ward. It was Brother Rönndahl, and he was trying to get a job at a fitness club and asked us to tag along for the practice class, which was basically his tryout. We agreed and went to the gym to find that we were in a boxing course! We left that place an hour later in pain. That pain lasted for days. It was intense. Anyway, went home and showered after that, and went to another TU who is now a U and had a really good lesson with her. By that time, we were sore, tired, and hungry, so we decided to eat lunch and take our studies, which we had skipped for a lesson. After all that, we had a lesson with a really cool less active who has a testimony, just doesn't come to church for some reason. He won't really say, but we're working on it.
   On Friday, we had zone training! In Göteborg! So we went to Göteborg! It really was a good one, they talked about the importance of planing and using time wisely. It was good. But I also got to see Elder Bradley! He's the second person from my MTC group who I've seen since we got to Sweden. He just transferred in to Utby last week. We caught up quite a bit after the training over Chinese Buffet (which wasn't really that good. If you want buffet in Sweden, go Thai). But yeah, got back to the area late, so we weren't really able to do anything in the evening.
   Saturday morning, we started by playing basketball with the Elders Quorum. It was a lot of fun. I'm slowly getting any basketball skill I had back. But after that, we went out to work and had a lot of success. Had four lessons with a verity of people, including a new investigator who is super positive. We had a really good time with him, and he seems really ready to find the truth in his life.
   Sunday, we had really good church meetings, but didn't have anything set to go afterwards, which was good, in a way, because we hadn't done weekly planning yet because we were too busy in lessons. So we did that for the rest of the day.
Random, at the church, the systers had a lesson in another room, so I took their phone, because they forgot it, and took selfies with all the ward members who were around. I got a good... 35? 40? people in on it. Multiple pictures with people. The systers were not so pleased when they found they had a lot less space on their phone and had to clear them off one by one. Fun stuff.
   I think that pretty much sums up all of my happenings for the week. I had a really good time. But wait! It's Monday! I have to catch up on some other stuff, so I hope you don't mind if I do my thank you notes right now...

Thank you White Handbook for not letting me participate in winter sports. I'm in Sweden, I don't know if you know that...

Thank you 1000 piece puzzle that we're still working on for making us feel weird visiting the lady we borrowed you from because we still haven't finished you.

That's it for me! Have it so good!  Äldste Heiner

In Göteborg.
Selfie excerpts from the phone I stole.
Some members gave us some American soda.
Our district tie.

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