Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

This week has been a week of transition for the mission. In other words, we had transfers this week. I stayed in the same place here in Kholm, but Elder Johanson went to Borås. I'm a little sad to see him go, we had such a great time together, but now I have Elder Nilsson! He's a funny guy, super new in the mission, I'm greenie breaking him. This should be a very nice!
   I'll tell you a little about the week, but I don't have too much time, so don't hold your breath. Mom.
   Most of the beginning of the week was Elder Johanson saying goodbye to people. He did a lot of really good work here, so there were a lot of people we had to go by. Looking at it, we probably went by about fifteen homes, and we weren't even able to go by all of them. It was kinda a bummer, but it's fine. Elder Johanson was actually shipped out on Tuesday instead of the normal Wednesday, so that's the reason. Elder Nilsson came in Tuesday, a few hours after Elder Johanson left, so I hung out with Hadi, and we had a great time. It's a good thing Hadi is a priest. I was actually able to have a companion during the entire thing!
   Wednesday was full of meeting people and teaching people and then tracting and then some elders that accidentally got on the wrong train came and hung out with us, so that was pretty fun. They were also from my group, so that makes it even cooler! In the evening we had three lessons going at one time and it was super cool. I was jumping in between them, trying to help as many people as I could under the time that we had. I have a picture during a little break I had.
   Thursday was a little weird. We were trying to talk to people and had a guy listen (we're meeting for real today, so I guess I'll let you know about it next week.)!
   Friday was district meeting and everyone was mad I didn't make cookies. I didn't have flour. Sowwy... But yeah, had a good lesson with an investigator right after that, and then we went out to Flen and had a great dinner with a member.
   On Saturday we started off by teaching a Temple Prep class (When do you want to do that Pia? I always forget to ask...) And it went really well! But then it was Halloween and no one else wanted to talk to us because of it. We were invited to spend the evening with Pia and David! It was super fun! We were gonna go and see the candles, but we ran out of time, so we did it while we were in kholm instead. Super cool stuff these natives do.
   We had a couple investigators come to church yesterday, so we were pretty excited about that! Then we went by some super cool members for a quick visit, then we had dinner and planning. That was the week! Have a great life all you all! Thank you for the thoughts and prayers!
Äldste Heiner
Some pictures of the living place.
Teaching English.
Hadi and Johanson.
Last picture with Johanson.
Elder Nilsson!
Elders Peterson and Hemmingsen got stuck on a train...
Not... too... sure... this is right...
Gadianton the spider! 
Some cool candles that our camera can't do justice.

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  1. wow, such a weird week. I know you will miss Ashton Johanson lots, but you will have a great time with Anders Nilsson. He is super funny,
    I am so glad that you forget things, because so do i.
    Love the European Cave Spider, i had lots of them in my room growing up.
    Keep up the awesome work.
    Love you, Pia