Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great week! I'm doing pretty dang well. I'm healthy, I'm working, I'm happy! We've seen a good amount of success recently, so it's been a happy time here in Kholm!
   On Monday we were going to meet with a TU, but he totally didn't show up, so we were a little let than down with that. We had a great pday anyway. We went to Pia's for the evening and it was awesome! I always have a great time at hemafton.
   Tuesday was kind of a funny day. We were up in the morning talking to Pia because she had questions she wanted answers to, and she wanted them THEN! So we answered what we could and it went well. I think. Ask her. After that we were with an investigator in the hospital and then after that we had lunch with him. During the day, we were in the library for a little study time and we taught this random guy that had a Mormons Book in his bag. It was super funny, and I'm not sure what happened, but he could really use a shower. Later in the day, we met with a super cool Christian guy named D and he really wants to learn more. He's been feeling like he needs to get baptized, not necessarily in our church, but just baptized. He's been reading the Book, so it should go really well for him.
   On Wednesday we contacted a couple of Muslims that were very hard to work with. I lost my nerve a little bit, only a little bit, because they told me I wasn't allowed to pray if Jesus' name was in the prayer and I was all like, "No." and they were all like mad because I wouldn't accept the Koran as the word of Allah and it was kinda funny because they hands down REFUSED to even touch Mormons Book. It was super ridiculous. Took too much time and energy and focus, but we had an amazing day after that, so it's just a funny story now. After that we had Gospel Principles class, and true to form, it ended up splitting into three different lessons. One of the lessons turned into a baptismal date! One of the other ones agreed to baptism, but not a date, so we'll see how that goes soon. It was super good day.
   The next day we taught a guy named T. He doesn't want to talk anymore, but his name is T. We only talked for like five minutes on the street, but it was kinda a funny lesson. We had some other less exciting lessons during the day, and then we had institute in the evening. The Karlstad elders stayed the night because we had a zone training the next day and they live in the middle of nowhere. So...
   The next day we got up and showered and ready and on the tåg to Eskilstuna! We had a pretty good zone training about chapter six in Preach My Gospel and President and his wife randomly showed up. I made cookies for it. After we got back from the training we, had a lesson with a less active member who has pretty crappy reasons for being less active. We're working on it. The hour after that started, we had an awesome lesson with M and Z! Who both now have solid baptismal dates for the 28th! We're super excited for them. It was a good day.
   Saturday we went to Gubbängen for stake conference, but before we left, we were able to talk to a couple really cool people and have a lesson with them. And then we went to the meeting, saw some really good friends, and stayed the night for another meeting the next day, and then ordained Hadi to be an Elder, and then came home and had another AWESOME lesson with M and Z. It was a pretty crazy week. It was super productive, but it was really crazy.
Have a wonderful week everyone! Thank you for everything,
Elder Heiner
There's this wooden chair in stan
 that's just carved out of a tree stump.
There was a fire.
At McDonald's
Shelf of pigs in a shop...
Elder Backman!
Stavskonferens selfie
Inside the church building.

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  1. I am so impressed with all your work this week! You have helped me answered most of my questions and you had two investigators that know will be baptized. That is so cool.
    I am proud of you! I love FHE with you guys.