Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Dear the people who pay attention to the things I write,
   This week was AWESOME! I'm just going to give away the best part. Meisam and Zoheir got BAPTIZED! I'm really excited for them. The branch is really excited for them too. They will make great members.
   But backing up to Monday, pday. I love pday. There really isn't too much to do here on pday, so we just bummed around. It was pretty great. In the evening, we did NOT go to FHE because Pia was in Skåne. Bummer, right? I mean really. Skåne? We went trakting instead.
   The next day, we had lunch with this Somalian guy named Omar. He doesn't speak anything close to a language that we speak. He really likes to feed us though. It gets really awkward. We try to help him, we just have no communication with him. We then had a TU blåst us, then we had a couple lessons at the church, that was pretty fun. And THEN we went to FHE at Pia's. That was super fun. FHE is always good.
   Wednesday was pretty much just knocking on doors until we went to the church for Gospel Principals, which went super well. A bunch of people came, and it was pertty fun. Afterwards, we made pumpkin pie. That's not really a thing here, so it was pretty new.
   Thursday was THANKSGIVING! We also had district meeting. I made a turkey and a ton of potatoes and then gravy and some vegetables. And pumpkin pies. It was super good! We then had about five lessons right in a row at the church. We were in the church a lot this week. We were getting a bit of cabin fever.
   On Friday, the Eskilstuna elders showed up for some work overs. We went up to Vingåker. We came home and had a final getting ready for the baptism lesson with Meisam and Zoheir. Then we had a really good lesson with Ferdi. That dude is freaking awesome.
   On Saturday, we went down to Norrköping for the baptism! It was super good! They both went under and everyone had some really good things to say.
   Sunday confirmations and that was probably the highlight. It was first advent, so we saw some pretty cool markets for that. We also had a pretty positive lesson with a couple TUs! And that pretty much closed out the week!

I hope you all are doing well! Have a wonderful week!
The Baptism.
I made a turkey.  It was super fun.
Elder Heiner.
There were these creepy dolls in a castle that we went to.
There was this lady doing this thing with
ice.  It was cool.
This bread has been on our wall for over 2 years.

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  1. AAAHH! Baptism. so fun! It was so great and what an honor to be able to speak and bare my testimony there, Thank you! I know, i know, i am so sorry i changed the day for FHE. I will not do it again in a long time, i promise.
    Love all your work this week, keep up the good work and our branch will be so big.
    Love, Pia