Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

   Let's get some schedule things in here that only mom will care about! And Grandma. And if there are anymore people that actually care about what I do on a daily basis, I pity you.
   On pday last week, the other elders bounced out to Helsingborg, so it was just us and the sisters to do anything. So I think we looked for dresses for sister Savage to go home in. We didn't find one. Sisters. We also had a family home evening with a family and that was pretty cool. I like cool times.
   Tuesday was super fun! There was a family who had us over for dinner. Like all six of us. But then the assistants were there too. Imagine that one. Eight missionaries in one dinner appointment. It was craaaaaaaazyyyyyyyy.... Try to get that one approved in the states. Met with some other people on the street. That was good. Meeting with people on the street. Good stuff.
   On Wednesday we had a "Specialized Zone Training," which is a zone training. Which is special. President shows up so it was pretty cool. I like it when we get to see him. The training took up the entire day, and it was good, but we weren't able to get out and do anything afterwards except go to the family that invited us home for dinner. Stake presidents family. I like them a lot.
   On the day of Thor we were on splits. I was with Elder Roylance who is a greenie. He's a good worker. He'll do well. We were basically out all day talking to people. That was nice. We had dinner with a super cool young family!
   We had a lot of dinners this week. It was weird.
   Friday was weekly planning days, and we all know that once you throw weekly planning in on the middle of the day, you can't do everything you want to on either side of it. It just happens like that.
   They celebrate Valentines day here! Alla Hjärtans Dag! It's pretty fun.  So on Saturday and Sunday were just full of heart attacking people's doors... See pictures... All the missionaries cut out paper hearts and heart attacked members doors. It was super fun! But yeah. We were with the fireside on Sunday evening. That was cool.

I love bananas. -Elder Bradley

Okej... But yeah, I hope you all have a great week! Bye!
Äldste Heiner

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  1. Wow! First I love that you put hearts on members doors, so cool. And second great that you're eating dinners at people, you have to eat.
    And third and last...please don't pity me. I do care about your daily work a lot. And I will continue to do so:) Love, Pia