Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

Hello people that pay attention to my life,
This week has been very short in my eyes.
We have been very focused on making sure that Prisca's baptism happened, and it did! That's probably why it was so short. We did a lot of prepping to make sure it went smoothly and was a good experience for her and everyone that came, and I feel like we succeeded! Her baptism and her confirmation were the climax of the week and I don't really think anything else could stack up to it.
Anyway. We did have transfer calls. So I'm staying here in Malmö, but Elder Nelson will be moving up to my greenie area in Jönköping! I've been talking that place up to him. He'll do great there. I'm sad to see him go, we worked really well together and saw a lot of success. But there is that thing where we are both so old in the mission that that's the only thing that people talk about with us and it makes you focus on the wrong things. It's fine. Gearing up for the next transfer!
Have a great week everyone!
Elder Heiner
Making some repairs to the good old suitcase.
A selfie with an awesome guy named Jef.
Taking a swing break as we were waiting for an investigator
to show up.
Cleaning the font.

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  1. Hi! Baptism..YAY! Way to go. I really Loved the focus when you tape your suitcase. Haha! I miss you tons, hope to see you before you go home. Love, Pia