Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

This week, I had an entire two days of work in my own area! Yay! It really stinks to feel like you haven't been in your own area helping all the people you should be helping. But what are you going to do? When you have a weird transfer, zone training, and the ward Jul concert all in one week...
   Monday. I killed my father. He's gone. I got on a train with him on the way to Stockholm, and then got off in Linköping. I just felt like I was being babysat there. I was there because transfers were happening the next day, so I needed to be with someone... So I just got passed around between the companionships in Linköping. At least I got to do some work as opposed to just sitting alone in an apartment because I can't go out without a comp. Better than nothing, but that's not saying too much. After a two days in Linköping, I finally got on a train back to Jönköping. I met up with my new companion in Nässjö as he was on his way there on the same connecting train. So we got to talk for a bit. He's been in Norrland for the past few months. Once I heard this, I knew exactly what to do. We went to kebab. See... kebab is different all over Sweden. Norrland is a very nice place, but the kebab is there is the worst ever. Nasty stuff. So I got the chance to re-kebabtise him. Cool stuff. That was the end of Tuesday, so that's two days out of Jönköping.
   Wednesday we didn't really have anything planned, so we walked around and I introduced Elder Jones to the new place. It's the biggest area he's ever served in, and the only ward he's ever seen here. Did some swing bys, taught some lessons. It was the only full day of work we had.
   Thursday morning was good. We walked around town contacting people as we tried to find the Ika Maxi. We finally found it and they handed us a package with 22 Mormons Bok in it. So we carried it home. Yay. Then we walked to the church to help set up the Jul concert for an hour. Then we left the church five hours later. Lovely how things like that just suck you in and you can't... quite... leave.... because everyone else is going to be working there for four more hours, but we need to work... It was frustrating. We did some area work, so that was good that we got some of that in.
   Friday, we got up early to get to Göteborg for zone training. They introduced a new jul program for us to follow as we contact people. Except it is designed for America, and totally doesn't quite work here... oh well. We'll give it a shot.
   Next day, we got to meet with Sandra! Yay! She's doing well! After a really good lesson with her, we got (had) to stay at the church to help finish up the Jul concert stuff. Starting at two. No more work from then on. The Jul concert was good. My parts went really well. I liked how I did on them for seeing the music the first time six days before hand. A bunch of people I wanted to talk to for a long time were there, so I was able to talk to them and try to set up appointments with them. It went really well.
   Then yesterday. It was good. None of our U's came to church, but they were either sick, out of town, or... I forget the other excuse. It was legit though. Had dinner with the Rönndahl's, so it was really good. Did a bunch of area work in Lilliaholmen, så that was nice to get around to. That evening, we just talked for a long while. Got to know each other better. Anyway. Off to do things now!
Freak. I just realized that we have plans today! I won't be able to write any thank you notes if I don't do it right now. I hope you don't mind...

Thank you Marabou chocolate bars, for being Rain Forest Alliance Certified. I don't know what it means, but it makes me feel about 3.47 times better that I eat you often.

Thank you Arabs, for not celebrating Christmas. I'll see you in December!

Just as an update... I'm about 153 pounds right now. I've lost more than twenty pounds since I've out. Oops.
Love y'all! Hope you have a great week!  Äldste Heiner

Oh yeah. Got a haircut. 
Love that moment when you're a missionary,
 and a professional hairstylist cuts your hair for free because
 she's a member and super chill.
That's me, Huba, and Anderson.
 We ran for the train, because we were going 
to miss it.  If it's going to be the last train ride
 in Sweden, might as well make it worth it.
My last picture with Elder Anderson 
before he flies away...
This is what it looked like when I killed
 Elder Anderson.  I sent this to the zone, 
and I could just feel the systrar start to cry.
This is me and Elder Jones.
He's chill.
I don't know what this sign wants to tell me.
I just don't.
This is where I work. This is my workplace.
 Where I do my thing. I bet you're jealous. Be jealous.

First Casualty.

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