Friday, December 26, 2014

December 26, 2014

So. Today we have a pday, so I guess I'll do a bit of emailing before we head out and hit up the stores for ridiculous sales (I need white shirts. Mine are way to big now). We actually don't have too much time, so I'm just going to give a rundown on the last three days. Sorry if you really wanted a synopsis of the other week too. Fine. Here's one: Swedes don't talk to you if Christmas is within two weeks. Now back to our regularly scheduled program...
   On Christmas eve, we chilled out for the morning. Opened all our presents. In Sweden, you do that on Christmas eve, so it's okay. And we weren't going to have time on Christmas day, so it makes it even better. Got some really useful things. Had a good time. I guess I should send some pictures. To be honest, pictures are going to be better at telling the story than I am. Anyway, we went to the Robayos for Christmas eve, and we pretty much just hung out there. Watched Kalle Anka, which is a very Swedish thing you're just going to have to look up. We watched the Polar Express while we were there. It was fun. Later, we went home and started this huge puzzle that we should not have started, because now we have to finish it.
   Christmas day, we woke up and went to the church and had breakfast with the systers. Waffles, eggs, and bacon. That kind of thing. It was a lot of fun. Then Marcus picked us up and took us to his house to watch Frozen and play some card games for the morning. I had a really good time. In the Afternoon, we went to Alex's parent's home to have American Christmas and to Skype my family. It's a little odd to be on this end of the computer, I'll tell you that. But they're doing well, unless they all just put up a front to make it seem like they are all fine. Anyway. Lots of food, lots of fun. It was good.
   Today, we'll be going to the British home for Boxing day. It'll be fun. The only other Boxing day thing I ever did was going to the Litchfield's hockey game and getting hit in the face two or three times with the puck. This should be less painful, I think. Anyway, I should go now! Have it good!
   But first, I have some things to thank!

Thank you, Legion, the thirty elders going home in three days, for being the death of about a fourth of the serving elders. I sense a small shake up in the mission community...

Thank you, Christmas, for being a non proselyting day. Too many drunk people inside, and no sober people on the outside.

That's all for me! I have too many pictures to send, so here's just a few.
Äldste Heiner

Jul Dessert!
All the windows have these decorations.
They are cool (but didn't photograph well).
Love that the Bible is in the fact section at the bookstore.

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