Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Okay, whoever is in charge of the dial that determines how fast time goes, would you please just cut that out? I won't get any time on my mission if you keep this up. I've been in Sweden for just a few weeks, and I'm already over three transfers in.
   On Monday, we went thrift shopping, and found a ridiculous amount of deals. So I bought things. Like books in Swedish. They were, like, 8:- each, so that is dirt cheap. I'll send 'em home so I don't have to lug them around. But we did that for the entire day, and then realized that all the good stores weren't even open on Mondays, so we've been in the habit of taking our lunch hours in the stores that are only open, like, two days a week. We have so much good stuff. I'm almost done with all my mission shopping for the entire two years. I'm never buying anything new again. Ha.
Anyway... back to Monday, we finished the evening with Paul and Tommy. It was really good. We're beginning to see Tommy progress again, so that is really awesome. And Paul is just a bro.
   On Tuesday, we got up a bit early for Huba on the train. It was pretty good. Then the day just went down the drain. Nothing went as planned until eight in the evening. We got blåsted a ton, and then tried to talk to a bunch of people, but they weren't having it. So then we went home for dinner. Tuesday, man. That was a rough day.
   Wednesday, though, we got blåsted just as much, but we did get a meeting with Elizabeth in, so that was good. She is having a bit of a doctrine problem that we're not quite understanding. We'll get it sometime.  Hopefully soon. Then we had more area work. Took lunch in a second hand.  Got a few books that I was looking for. Then we ended the evening with Tommy and introduced a few ideas to him so that he can start thinking about approaches he wants to take with his smoking and snusing problems.
   Thursday was another day of blåsts. T'is the season, you know. So after the first two blåsts, we kind of just ditched the afternoon and did weekly planning. The relief society was finishing with their party at the church by that time, so we helped... clean up... we're so helpful. Got blåsted a few more times, then walked to a members house for dinner, and felt like we needed to check out a store. It was kind of weird. We walked in and started to look around, not really sure what we were doing in there, when we were stopped by a guy with a bunch of questions. He seemed satisfied and told us we were having a prayer together, and so we did. Right there in the middle of the store. I felt the spirit. It was kind of amazing. The we got to Juan's (the member) house for dinner. He is a really good cook. And he collects lots of really cool things. Like original presses of all the Beetle's albums. And Queen. And Kansas. And a ton more. It is really cool.  So then we went home because it was time to do so.
   On Friday we had distrikt meeting. And then everyone blåsted the rest of the day. Literally everyone. It's a hard to be a missionary during this time of year. In the evening, we would have had an activity, but no one came, so we ended up talking to Alex for a while about how it's going with him getting on a mission. Pretty well, so far.
   Saturday people were quite blåsty too. But we were able to talk to Elizabeth. Then we went and did a bunch of area work where we would have had lessons if people were there. Had a lesson with Tommy. He doesn't blåst us. But that was a day.
   Sunday was good. I always like it. I can understand essentially everything in every meeting if I pay attention to it. We got invited to the Rönndahl's after church for their now two year old's birthday party. It was really fun, and we got to leave a really good message with a bunch of people. We had to leave a little early to get blåsted just one more time this week. Then we knocked a few doors to run the week out.  Things will pick up.
      But we do have big plans for the rest of the day, so we'll be quite busy. Oh dang! I forgot! I need to write my thank you notes today! I better do them now, I won't have time any other moment. I hope you don't mind.

Thank you Apartment Couple for saying you would come around for cleaning checks and never showing up. We cleaned for nothing!

Thank you piri piri, for being so small that I think it would be fine to eat with no milk in the house. I was wrong. I just about died.

Anyway, that's it from me! Have a good week everyone!
Äldste Heiner
Juan let us play dress up.
Sweden. You know. It snows here.

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