Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Okay... I think I'm just going to have to get used to the fact that while on a mission, weeks consist of three or four days. Not seven. That would be ridiculous and way too consistent. But anyway. This was a good week. Full of crazy stuff. I liked it. I always do.
   Last Monday after we emailed, the systers decided they wanted to go bowling. So we went bowling because it sounded fun. Did pretty well too. After that they ran out to do syster stuff, Elder Jones and I went to a TU who had asked us to come by during Monday, and we stupidly said yes. And he blåsted. Don't schedule stuff on a divinely inspired break, okay people. It never works out. Anyway, we shifted proselyting time because of that and went to some thrift shops because that's what we do. I was good. We ended the day at Tommy's, and he's ready to try stopping tobacco again! We're going to get this guy off of everything!
   Tuesday was crazy even though we weren't really expecting it to be too busy. The morning was quite slow because we had two appointments cancelled right in a row. We had church watch and just chilled out a bit to regroup. Then we went up to Huskvarna to see Elizabeth. More on her later. We then did two swing bys that both let us in. It went really well with both of them. We were invited to dinner from a member in town, so we bussed down to Torpa from Österängen. The dinner ended up being quite nice. Afterward, we went to Juan's place again to play dress up and to take some Christmas pictures. They turned out quite funny, I think.
   Wednesday. Yes. That was a thing. Not productive in any way, shape, or form, but a thing it was. We got up and got on our normal bus 200 to Borås. Okay, that's when things fall apart. The bus was on a special route because of construction. The Systers didn't know that. So they went to their normal stop that wasn't going to get stopped at. So they missed the bus. So we're on our way, and we make it in time. The Systers, on the other hand, find their way onto a charter bus without any tickets and start to Borås as well, all the while on the phone with the bus company, trying to get tickets before the bus driver really gets frustrated with them. That doesn't happen ever because they're systers and they somehow just get to Borås with a free ride on a charter bus. Anyway, we end up just waiting for them because charter buses are pretty fast and they ended up just being half and hour late. During the meeting, we decide to put together a... something for zone conference this week. I'll say what it is later. Hopefully I'll be able to get a bit of it home too. It'll be good. We're super excited for it. Anyway, the meeting was good, but we all missed our normal bus home, so we just hopped on the next bus 200 there was. About two hours later is when we realized that the bus 200 has three different routes. Two normal ones to and from Borås and Jönköping, which we usually take.  And one from Borås to the middle of nowhere and back to Borås, which we happened to be on. So basically we were on the bus the entire time. It kind of sucked because it took so much time and we couldn't do any work what so ever.  Anyway, we got back and then we went and picked up some pizzas and took 'em to the church and the the Systers joined us. It was an end to a wacky day.
   Thursday was pretty crazy too. We found out that Elizabeth doesn’t want to meet again because she wasn't wanting to change her life. But she still believes Joseph is a prophet. And that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. You know, we’ll have to try and find out what’s going on. Anyway, we had about thirty plan changes during the day. In the evening we had Lucia! It was good. Lots of singing and candles. So I enjoyed it. The one we went to was quite modernized, so I don't think I liked it as much as I would have a traditional one, but it was still really good. We have some pictures, too. It was cool.
   Friday was lungt. We did we weekly planning, so that took up a big chunk of the day. We did some walking around, and did a lesson on our phone because we can't speak Farsi. So that's chill. In the evening, Rikki, a recent convert, led a large group of YSAs in yoga. On a completely unrelated note, my body is in pain. So yeah. Friday in short.
   Before daily planning Friday evening, Saturday was completely blank. But I called six people. And they all picked up. And they all made appointments. So our seemingly blank Saturday turned into one of the busiest days of the week. Like, I'm not even going to explain all that happened. But we met with Edwin, and it turns out that he and Paul are really good friends, and Paul just happened to be over when we met with Edwin. It went really well. Paul is really good at testifying simply and powerfully.  It was a good day. We liked it.
   Sunday was good. They always are. After church, we went to a member's place for dinner. They had really good food. And we got to help out with their Christmas trees too. It was fun. Our evening was a blåsty thing, but that's fine, really. So we went home and finished out there.
   So that was the week! I liked it. We had a good time. And now we're getting ready for zone conference. That is really going to take up the rest of our day, so I'm going to have no time to write any thank you notes if I don't do that right now. I hope you don't mind...

Thank you Swedish bus system for being as incomprehensible as a Japanese game show.

Thank you cold weather for somehow being an impassible barrier at my African investigators' front door.

Anyway... that's all for me! Hope y'all have a wonderful day!
Äldste Heiner
P-day bowling.  It was fun.
Here's me and my candy.  
Playing dress up at Juan's again.  We had a good
time.  We are thinking about using one of these
pictures and making a card that says "joined
the Lord's army" or something like that.  
See the jacket I'm wearing there?  The authentic
WWII British pilot jacket?  Juan gave it to me
because it had a tear.  I already fixed it.
It is great!
At St. Lucia
Those are all real candles.  In a church.
A little break from maturity, that's all we got here,
just a little pause.
Legitimately my favorite ad campaign ever.

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