Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you weren't expecting a long email (but if you'e my mother, I know you were), because we are heading out to the island today for my LAST PDAY IN JÖNKÖPING. I got a transfer call! I'll be heading up to Sundsvall, Norrland. Colder. So yeah. I’ll give you a few highlights of the week, if you really want.
   I went to another hockey game on Tuesday! It was super fun. I had a great time.
   Huba is progressing really well, and I'm super excited for him.
   We went to a brunch with the Hegyessy's at Ikea. It was pretty good for a furniture store breakfast buffet.
   The Skövde elders made tacos for the distrikt after distrikt meeting. They're really good at making tacos.
   We had a really good activity with the Schelin's. People showed up to their place to play games and eat semlor.
   Juan had us over. I love that guy. He gave Elder Jones a really nice copy of the Beatles White Album. It's pretty cool. I prefer my bomber jacket, but Elder Jones it super psyched about these records.
   Friday the 13th. No one met with us. Fun fact.
  Anyway, I better do my thank you notes now too. I won't be able to do them later.

Thank you Semlor for having your own holiday. "Fat Tuesday" just shot to the top 5 of my favorite holiday list.

Thank you Ikea scrambled eggs, for being the EXACT same color as those dressers we looked at.

That's all for me! Have a good week you all!  Äldste Heiner
Swedish Candy is Fun!
Cooking!  Hot Dogs wrapped in cheese and fried.
This is a fountain in the park.
At the hockey game.
A district selfie during tacos.

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