Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

I just emailed yesterday, so you all should know what's going on in my.... oh wait, time is cruel, and there were six days hidden between the hours of yesterday and today. My life. Those six days were good though, if they were real, I guess I'll tell you about them.
   Måndag. After I finished telling you all about my most crazy exciting life last week, we went grocery shopping! Yay! Groceries! And then we went bowling again. I did find an extra medium ball, so that was fun. Brian Regan, I know you thought it was a joke, but it happened! Then in the evening, after some thrift shopping, we went to visit Tommy.
   Tuesday had a little less action than usual, but we received the order from president to henceforth cease church watch! I was really excited about that one. It's such unproductive time, and I can do so many other things with it. So we actually got out and visited people instead of watching the same Mormon messages over and over and over............. I've memorized them. Yeah, they're good, but after the 80th time.... We also went out to Forserum to swing by a less active. He set up a different time to meet, so we were stuck there for an hour. We toured the whole town. Saw the sight. It was a nice water tower.
   Wednesday had us hanging out in Borås for distrikt meeting. And boy, did we distrikt meet. We distrikt met about our areas and all that jazz. The meeting was delayed until 11 again, but we were very careful to get on the bus that took us to Jönköping this time, not an endless circle back to Borås. We met with Huba when we got home. We set him up with a really awesome member family, and now he has a ride to church every week. YAY!
   Our Thursday morning was super... blank. So we walked to Huskvarna. I think we're the first people to do that since the invention of the bus. Anyway we talked to a bunch of people, took some pretty great pictures and had lunch in the end. We found a place that sells 50:- pizzas. I was super skeptical and I really didn't want to have the digestive problems I assumed came with 50:- kebab. It turned out really good, and so far, no problems, so I'm happy. That evening, we held an activity at the church and ate with the institute peeps. Cool people, great food.
   Friday. We had to do weekly planning, so we did the first half of it after all of our planning things, but then we needed to get to Bankeryd (far away) for a member lunch, so we put planning on hold, and went to the house. They moved three months back, so then we had to get to Råslett (far away still) for this family, and it was really good. They were really nice and we had an awesome time. But then we had to get back to finish weekly planning. When we were done with that, we played volleyball at the church with the YSA's and had dinner.
   We played some hardcore basketball at the church Saturday morning. And by hardcore, I mean one of the guys knew how to play because this is Sweden. We still had a lot of fun. Juan took us out to eat at Munchies afterwards. It was a good burger. After we went home to shower, we went out and preached the word, you know, like we do. It was good and we had a good amount of success. 
   Sunday was really good. We had a good meeting about how things were going before church, and then we had church and HUBA WAS THERE FOR ALL THREE HOURS! He says the place feels like home already and all the members welcomed him really well. I was really excited about that. Also at church, we were invited over to the Ahlsröms for dinner, so we went out to Tokarp (a ways away) for dinner. It was really awesome.
   Anyway, I think that was my week... If I think of anything else to say, you probably won't hear it because I can't email every day. Sorry. But today is Monday, and that's the day I get caught up on all my personal things. I've washed my clothes, I've emailed my mother, and now all I need to do is write my thank you notes. I hope you don't mind if I just do those here.

Thank you sun, for feeling like an old middle school friend. I never see you anymore, I kind of want to, but every time I do, I just kind of hide.

Thank you whoever makes food for institute. You always make too much, which is just enough to feed the missionaries.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Äldste Heiner
Working during sunset, AKA 4:00.
The Extra-Medium bowling ball.
Don't mind me, just on the beach outside my front door.
The new look.
Best graffiti ever.
My new hat.
Just doing our Pearl of Great Price studies.
You'll notice this guy is playing the baritone.
Without a mouthpiece.
This is a huge billboard.

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