Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hej allihopa!
   Hope you all are doing well, I hope you had a wonderful week and all that. I had a pretty great week, I think. In my opinion. It was short, but what else is new? I wasn't sick this week, and neither was Elder Steen, so I guess that was something. Let's just jump into it then....
   Monday! Pday! I don't remember what happened! Probably nothing too huge! I know we went to Max Burger, but other than that....
   Tuesday was a day. We started out by just going to stan and contacting people, but they weren't really having it, so we went home for lunch and then back to stan to the library to practice a lesson with one of the young men in the ward. After that, we received a distress text from the systers. They were in a meeting with a man who was trying to convert them to Islam, and going way over time and they couldn't leave. So we went over there and jumped into the middle of the lesson so they could get to another appointment. Then we went to see a man in the ward to get to know him better. Roland is his name. He was baptized about four years ago and has one of the most crazy conversion stories ever. He died one day, and they took him to the hospital and he stayed dead for half an hour. No pulse, brain activity, anything. Then he woke up and freaked everyone out because they thought he was dead. He had a spiritual experience and searched for two years to find a church that could give him that feeling again. He heard of the church, prayed that missionaries would find him and the next day, they did. He was baptized just a few weeks later, super strong and amazing man. He has no side effects from being dead. Cool guy.
    On Wednesday, we walked forever. We walked to another city and did swing bys there and then walked back. Then we called a ton of people. In the evening, we practiced a lesson with a young man in the ward. Came home and did some prep for the next day, because it was a little crazy too. The zone leaders came in because we were doing work overs the next day.
   On Thursday, I went with Elder Sahlin, one of the coolest guys ever. And he's Swedish, so that makes him even cooler. We had district meeting, which went really well. I like it when we all talk and participate. After that, Elder Sahlin and I drove up to Härnösand to meet with a tu. Halfway through the meeting, we find out that she is a less active member! It was a little bit weird to figure that one out. Anyway, after that meeting, we did a bunch of swing bys and other things up there. After a bit, we drove back down to get to a baptism in the ward. It went really well. I love it when people decide to be baptized.
   Friday. Oh dear. Yes. I forgot this was in this week. I organized the district into all taking a tåg out to a small city that used to have a branch. We split it up and did all the swing bys and work we could possibly do while we were there. It was a good day, but it was hard, and 6 hours on a tåg.
   Lördag we did weekly planning in the morning. Afterwards, we went out to a school to play innebandy with a bunch of the kids in the branch. I love that game. I wish I had the time to get good at it. And I wish it was a thing in the US. Bummer. After that, we went up to a less active family in Timrå. They invited us to dinner. During the dinner, their nine year old son asked us if we would help him be baptized. So we said yes, I guess we could do that. The parents are down with it, so hopefully they will stay on board. We're excited to be able to be a part of it.
   And finally, Sunday. Church was good. Had a good time. The systers ended up feeding us and the other elders after church, so that was fun. I like it when I don't have to make food. Always seems to turn out better too. After that, we did some work, got home, and cleaned the apartment hardcore. So yeah. Good week. I had a great time.
   And now I'm going to have to write some thank you notes real quick, I seriously won't have time to do it any other moment today.

Thank you apartment couple, for texting us last night that you would be doing apartment checks today. I guess we can do some cleaning.... I wonder if we have a vacuum?

Thank you Persian guy that I used the phone to translate with. You would reply back to me in Farsi though.... My phone knows Farsi. Not me.

That's it for me! Have a great week you all!
Äldste Heiner

Sorry, I don't have time to caption pictures today.  You'll just have to figure them out.

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