Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Well.... this was a rough week. I'm just going to give you a few details. I got a bit sick at the beginning of this week and couldn't really sleep. I went to Stockholm on Tuesday, which was ten hours of travel that day. Train delays, Gotta love 'em. Then I traveled to Umeå. Six more hours of travel.  We had to pick up some elders at one in the morning who locked themselves out of their apartment. That’s over 20 hours clocked on the train this week! 

Other things happened too, good things but I'm just going to write some thank you notes and call it a week.

Thank you broken down trains. I love to sit on snabbtågs that aren't moving. Irony.

Thank you Sweden, for paving certain roads in ice. It doesn't seem to be the best road material.

Have a good week!
Äldste Heiner

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