Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Okay... here we go... the week... again... I feel like I wrote yesterday. And the day before.
   This last Monday we went on a mini splits right after tanning and all that shopping stuff. I went with Elder Perkins, who is helt ny, and went to a couple of lessons. He's a good one. He has a great heart. He'll do well.
   On Tuesday, we finished our grocery shopping (we cut pday in half for some lessons), and then we went to the church and watched the final session of general conference. If you haven't watched general conference, look it up! It would be a great thing to see. Then we went over to a member home for a lesson with their son, and the father was chopping down a tree, so we chopped down the tree for him. It was fun.
   Wednesday evening was good. We went to one of our investigators, who is the son in a less active family, and he's ready to be baptized! I'm super excited. We just need to find a good date that works for him and the family.
   Thursday was full of car junk. We had to change out winter tires and stuff. Annoying! In the evening we were able to get out and teach a British guy named Lee on the bus. It was super cool.
   Friday was full of being on a train to Umeå and sitting in a zone training. Yay. Then we came back after kebab. It was great actually. I love to see all the other missionaries.
   During the weekend, Elder Steen wasn't feeling well, so we weren't able to do too much. I did a lot of organizing in the area book, so that was good. I learned to bake more. I made a pizza. Some cookies. Biscuits and gravy. Tons of stuff. It was fun.
   So that was the week! Hope you enjoyed! If not, here are some thank you notes...

Thank you Sweden for being obsessed with American things. I too enjoy cheep plastic things designed in Japan and made in China to be sold by an Indian man to an American.

Thank you Swedes for not knowing how to use a turn signal. You only paid 18,000 crowns and two years in driving school to get a license.

Everyone have a great week!

Chopping down a tree.
"I just finished reading this really interesting
book" said no one ever.
Fun Graffiti.
Notice something a little weird?
Pizza making.
New Stamps!
Gas receipt.  Ouch... glad I didn't pay for that.

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