Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

I'm afraid it's another shorter letter this week... sorry mom... we have plans to go tanning and shopping at the mall. Yes we go tanning. Every week. I forgot to even mention that bit. There's just no sun here in Norrland. It's actually quite fantastic.
   Monday we hung out at the church for pday. And went on our weekly tanning, of course. Called a bunch of people later in the day trying to set things up for the week. On tisdag we drove up to Härnösand to talk to some less active members and old investigators and people like that. It was good. I enjoyed it. In the evening, we visited with Familjen Samuelsson and they are doing really well. We're helping their son prep for baptism. Onsdag, We had some other investigator lessons and a new greenie showed up! His name is Elder Perkins, and Elder Allen is his father. It was a good day. On Thursday, we had district meeting. After a bit of lunch and a few hours of work, we all met back up at the church and were picked up by a Finnish family, and they drove us to their home out in the boonies. They make really good food. Fredag had us back in Hsand for the first half of the day and with a member in the evening. On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with a member family for the entire afternoon until conference started in the evening. So yeah, the rest of the week was taken up by General Conference! 3 kilos of Godies! Yeah! Anyway, you should all listen to the prophet. He has great things to say. Anyway, that's my week! Here are some quick thank you notes!

Thank you Willie's for having Godies at 30:- per kilo. My dentist loves you and all the business you get him.

Thank you Finnish family for making... Well I'm not actually sure how to spell it, or how to describe it, but thank you anyway!

Have a great week everyone!
Äldste Heiner
A cool church we walk by.
Another one.
Sundsvall has a ton of these dragons around town with different
looks.  Because this one is in front of a big old church, it
gets to have Jesus on it.
An American cop car.  Here.  In Sweden.

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