Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

   Hej på alla er. Hoppas att dt går bra! This week was good! I enjoyed it, we had a good time, we were able to get out and work a bunch, so it was good! Really short, but good. So unless there are any other orders of business we need to address, let's move on with the program...
   Måndag was fun. We all just brought our lugnt game to the church and chilled out for the day. It was really good. After a good long time of that, we hit the tanning booth so we could feel really happy. And we did. We always do. At the end of pday, we went to an appointment, but he was working, so he couldn't meet. We were a bit bummed, so we hopped on the bus to get to the next thing, and lo and behold, our appointment that canceled was our bus driver! It was crazy! So we talked to him for a bit. It makes so much more sense why he's so busy all the time. He drives buses, duh, what was I thinking?  Then we were able to get into the home of a member family we've been trying to visit for a while now. We helped them move a hide-a-bed, but it wasn't that bad.  An evening that didn’t seem it would be successful ended up being great.
   The next day was a bit interesting. We had things planned to do, but they all fell through, and every time we went to the next one, we would be early, so we would have more time to do it. But we couldn't for some reason. So eventually we just went to the other side of town and had a lesson, then went to the church for family history night. I guess we also picked up the ZL's from Umeå up at the train station that evening too.
   On Wednesday, we went on splits. I was with Elder Tanner, who is a very hard working young man. He's in the same group as Elder Steen, so he'll be going home in a few weeks. We first had distrikt meeting and lunch with the peeps, then we swung by a ton of people in Timrå. That evening, we met with Jesper and he had his baptismal interview! Can't wait until Saturday! I don't really know if I've told you about Jesper. Eh. I'll take a picture. He's chill. He's a son in a less active family, and the family is going to come back to activity because of him. I know it.  So that's awesome! We had some more lessons that evening.
   Next day, tons of swingbys that were a bit uninteresting. Sorry. Uninteresting day.
   Friday was the same, actually, just up in Härnösand. Yay. Sorry....
   Saturday was my birthday! That was fun. We took a train to Umeå. All day. Then we had a conference. I was asked to sing a special musical number when I got there. That was interesting. Then the next day continued the conference. It was a stake conference. Then we came home last night. And that was the week. 
   So here we are on Monday again, and it's time for thank you notes!

Thank you train rides to Umeå for being long enough to teach everyone how to solve a Rubik's cube. President just thinks we do it during comp study...

Thank you Conference in Umeå for having everyone in Norrland present. I don't think I've ever felt such heat in a room in a place that was so cold.

Anyway, have a great week!
Äldste Heiner
Must be trash day!
Fun in Umeå
The Tolley's, the apartment couple.
In Umeå, also.
Translation:  Perfect for your butt.

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