Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Well hello to all you people! If you don't know what's going on,  I can give you a little bit of a run down. I moved from Sundsvall with Elder Steen to Västerås with Elder Backman. Elder Steen and I were on a train together out of town, and we split ways after a train switch in Gävle and Uppsala. He went on to Stockholm for a plane home, and I hopped on a bus to Enköping and switched to a bus to Västerås where I met up with Elder Backman and we immediately set off to work missionarying. Elder Backman is super cool. He works really hard and he's a lot of fun to be around. He is from Ogden, Utah.  Västerås is super pretty. It is the closest town to Eugene I've had. It's super green, tons of trees, all that stuff. Less hills though.  We first dropped all of my stuff off at the apartment, which is freaking huge, by the way, and then went to the church to teach a few older ladies how to speak English. That was fun. Then we had home teaching with a few new converts. That went really well.
   On Thursday, we went out so I could kind of find my bearings here, and talked to people all the way. It was fun. After a bit of that, we went out to a pizza joint of a new member and he fed us pizza. That was super awesome, but even better was that his friend and workmate was pretty interested in hearing more. That made me pretty happy to talk to him. After we had to leave we went by another recent convert who fixed my bike. It was super annoying to have a bike that dropped its chain. Should be better now. The Stake President had us over to his house that evening for dinner, so that was super good. I love it when people feed me.
   Friday had us in Örebro for district meeting. We have a really good group of obedient and hard working missionaries just poised to tear it up. I'm excited. After that, we got Chinese together. It was the best Chinese I've had in Sweden. It made me happy. When we got back to Västerås, we went out to Valby to work the area. It went pretty well. Met some people, had a good time.
   Saturday had us doing swing bys that didn't answer and weekly planning. So nothing too crazy. You probably don't want to hear about all that stuff, actually.
   And yesterday we were at church, meeting people, having a good time. A member had us over for dinner and then we did more swing bys. Fun stuff!
   Anyway, I'm knocking on the door of going over time, so everyone have a great week!
   Shout out to Jacob the previous Elder Heiner for getting home safe and sound.

Love you all,
Äldste Heiner
Me and Elder Backman
Modern... art?  
Guess whose city has a golden calf on a pillar?
I live in a really pretty place.

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