Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

I swear one of these times I'll get around to telling you what's going on in depth.  But there are six missionaries and not as many computers. So strap on your seat belts for the abbreviated version of the weekly rapport!
   Monday we hung out with the Grönblads, who are some of the chillest folk you ever did meet! Tuesday, we taught some of the systers people because the systers were stuck out of town. Wednesday we hung out with a less active YSA who is super chill. I love that kid. Torsdag we had distrikt meeting, went really well, and then I went on splits with a YSA while Steen went to Övick because he needed to help some people move. That sounds weird, but it was all godkänt. On Friday we gave a blessing to a lady to help her stop smoking. Then we went to Härnösand to be with some less active people up there. Then we had dinner on the top of the mountain. Grilled korv. Yeah. Saturday was Sports Saturday and David! So that was fun. Sunday had church and dinner with a super awesome young family. I love them.  And we're going shopping today!  Steen has his last pday here before he heads home.

   Anyway, that was a really fun week. Good stuff. If you have questions, let me know! Here’s a thank you note! I only have time for one.

Thank you sun for coming up and staying over way past your welcome. When was it suddenly cool to hang out with us?   It's still only like.... 6 degrees though. But I'm used to it. Shorts and a tshirt!

Have a good week!  Äldste Heiner

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