Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

   Hejsan allihoppa! How are all you doing? Having a great time? I hope so.
My week was good. The usual really freaking fast, but it’s fine. I'm used to it now. But now... the week!
   Monday was full of chillin' out. After we emailed, we went to the store for food and then just... hung out, I think. That was nice. Once the other Elders were done with their junk, we went to Myrorna together.  That was fun. Poppin' tags! After that, we were in the church with a new convert for the evening. It went really well.
Next day! We had to get some forms ready for the branch council about the new converts in the branch.  They want to make sure that the new converts are being taken care of, so we met with a few of them to get the information that they needed. Bam. Check that off the list. Anyway, we went out to Bäckby for some area work after that, so it went well. That evening I was introduced to AWESOME TUESDAY. There is a member in the ward who is married to an investigator and they have the missionaries over every Tuesday evening for dinner. Pretty much the best thing ever. It was a lot of fun.
   Wednesday, Wednesday.... we went to Eskilstuna! It was zone training, but they called it Jedi Council, so we had Jedi names. Mine was Jedi Elder Heinifus. I bet they would have given me a pink light saber with that name.  It was super fun to see all those people and Syster Johanson was there. Hadn't seen her in eight days.  That evening we had branch council.
   Thursday. In the morning we remembered that we had agreed to do a special musical number for Sunday, so Elder George and I prepped for that in the morning. Then we walked around a bunch. We taught English class again. That was fun. In the evening we hopped on a train to Örebro, where we switched companions. I went with Elder Williams in Örebro and Elder Smith went to Västerås with Elder Backman.
   The next day we got to work. We went to a ton of people and taught a bunch and found a couple more people while we were at it. Missionary Work!  We switched back that evening. Yeah. Train rides.
   Saturday we went to the church early to practice our song, then we helped set up for a ward party, then we went to the ward party, then we cleaned up the ward party, then we set up for a baptism, then we went to the baptism, the we cleaned up the baptism, then we went home.
   We were super busy taking care of things in church. I blessed, then spoke, then sang a song. Then taught Sunday School, then translated for an American. Yeah! Then we had a meeting, went home and weekly planned. Life.
And now I'm out of time. I really like Västerås. I'm having a good time. We're working hard. Just doing the work, ya know?
Hope you all have a great week! Have it good!
Mvh, Äldste Heiner

Cool Castle!
Some weird things we found in Eskilstuna.
Dop font selfie.
Don't ask, cause I don't know.
I found this place to preach from.

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