Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Alrighty folks, this week was super busy and I don't have too much time to tell you all about it, so if you're in for the nitty gritty details, this ain't the week for you. If you hate it when I write three pages, congrats!
   On Monday we were having a fine pday when a less active member called and said he was in town (He lives a few hours away) and said we could meet in the available 45 minutes he had. So we slammed on proselyting clothing and hauled to him and had a good lesson. After that we went and taught a really cool family we found last week.
   Tuesday was super busy. We met with a TU, now an investigator, in the morning and then a member. After getting blåsted at the church, we went and tracted on the other side of town and had a good amount of success, getting a couple lessons set up. That evening we met with a lady in Valby and then taught a lesson on the bus on the way back home.
   Wednesday had us teaching a family we found the day before and we taught a couple older ladies more English 'cause we do that every week. Then Emil, a new convert, taught us more Swedish. It was fun. That evening we went out to a less active family and taught them the restoration. They wanted to hear the missionary lessons again. It was good.
   Thursday district meeting. When we got home from Örebro for that, we gave a blessing to a woman in the ward and then took a bus up to Skultuna. yay. It actually went really well. We met with an investigator up there.
   Friday was a day of weekly planning. I made a huge batch of Orange Chicken to feed ten people and Elder Backman and I put it all down. So that was good. More teaching though, lots of teaching.
   Saturday, we played soccer, and after soccer we taught some of the investigators that came. While tracting we taught a few more people. In the evening we taught that really cool family again.
   Yesterday was pretty on the down low. We just had sacrament meeting and all that. I translated for a German lady. To English, not to German. I wish to German, I would be super impressed with me. And then we tracted a bunch in the evening.
   That was the week! If you want, you can ask me questions and I can answer them, just let me know.
Have a great week!
Äldste Heiner
I made orange chicken.
Some pretty flowers here.
Some cool Iranians in the branch and all of us missionaries.

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