Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Let's see... the week.... it was pretty dang crazy, to be quite honest. We did a ton of stuff. Preface to the week, here in Sweden, we do a thing called Midsommer. It's a big deal. Big parties, dancing around a pole, everything is shut down, people are too busy partying. So. The week!
   Monday was pday. We went to Pizza Hut, the first one I've seen in Sweden. We had a pizza buffet and it was super good. I really like Pizza. And buffets are pretty great. And then, PIZZA BUFFET. I can't eat as much as the rest of these guys, but I can hold my own and it was amazing. That evening, we went out to play mini golf with the YSAs! Mini golf! It was super fun.
   Tuesday, we went out to Hamid and his pizza place. He made us pizza. The thing that Pizza Hut is missing is kebab. Hamid was not missing kebab. The visit worked out really well. When we got back into town from that, we went to another investigator, RM. She is reading and praying and it's going super well! After that, we jumped on a Tåg to Södertäjle where we stayed the night with the zone leaders.
   On Wednesday, I came back to Västerås with Elder Schilndler. We worked the day together. That morning, all our plans cancelled, so we just found people to teach instead. And we found a bunch of people to teach. It was super good. That evening we made cookies. Splits are special.
   Thursday we had district meeting and that was super good. Gotta love meetings. Just love them. We got home to teach a bit, but everybody was prepping for midsommer the next day.
(I don't know if you can tell, but I'm running out of time)
   Friday. Midsommer. Rained a ton. It was still super fun, but just keep in mind that it's dumping buckets through all this. We get up early and hop on a train into Stockholm. We get there and then we get on a tunnelbana to Handen, and that's where we get on a bus to the big party the church is putting on. At the party we wear a bunch of flowers, decorate and put up a big pole, then we dance around it and make animal noises at it and bow to it... I'm surprised we didn't pray to it, but it still felt pagan. Super fun though. We ran around, danced and had a great time. We found a way through Stockholm and made it to a great burger joint then we went to Gubbängen to play games with a bunch of other missionaries. It was fun. We packed up and went home. There's a lot more to that, but you're just going to have to ask me in person.
   Saturday was half non proselyting, so we spent a bunch of time in stan with the other guys. Then we taught the really cool family in the evening.
   Yesterday, church. And work. Welcome to missionary life.
TRANSFER NEWS: Elder Backman, who has been here for six months, is going to Lund, and I'll be training a brand new missionary here in Västerås. It's going to be crazy!

Have a great week!
District Pic
Pirate Mini Golf!
We took some pictures as we went through Stockholm.

Living in Sweden.
Those flirty Starbucks girls don't realize their
numbers might be sent as referrals...
These next several are Midsommer Pics...
Håbo sounds like Hobo.  And if Håbo meant Hobo then this
would say Hobo County.  

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