Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

   Hey everybody! Hope you're all have a grand old time today, I know I'm having a pretty fantabulous time out here in Sweden. Everything is bright (the sun doesn't go down), everything is green (or so I'm told), and everyone is happy. But let's talk about my week because we all know you just love hearing about me. Actually, I'm super surprised you want to read this, but alright, here you are.
   First of all, highlights from last week... We found a new Egyptian investigator that we're super excited about!  Been here five months and super happy to have found some nice people. It was pretty funny. We were in Karlstad for workovers that week too. We were planning on being there for a day and a half, but due to bus delays, train tickets not coming in, train delays, train cancellations, being stuck in Katrineholm for a few hours, we were out of our area for three days. It was pretty crazy.
   Anyway, this week! On Monday we went to this old Swedish town that was pretty cool. It's called an open air museum, they keep animals there and stuff. It was fun. In the evening we started up a YSA family home evening. We played ultimate Frisbee and had floats using Fanta Exotic (a flavor not in the US, which sucks). The floats we really good, much to the Swedes surprise. They had never even had the idea of floats cross their minds before.
   Tuesday was a tad bit hectic. We started the morning by going by an elderly couples home to spend some time with them. It went really well, they really like us now. It just takes a visit to make some people happy. I like those people. We then went out to help a member with a flagpole he was trying to put up in his yard, and wanted our help over his 13 year old daughters help. Weird, eh? He was only welding and carrying this half ton chunk of metal across the world. Then Elder George and I were going to sing a special musical number for combined zone conference the next day, so we decided to practice the piece instead of going in blind.
   Wednesday had a zone conference in it, so we went to Stockholm for that. It was pretty fun. I enjoyed it. The song went really well, people liked it. That pretty much took up the entire day.
   Thursday was pretty crazy. We went up to Sala, then from Sala to the middle of nowhere, Sweden, and had a meeting with a less active woman. She was super cool. I really like meeting with her. Came come from nowhere, and went to teach English to a couple older women. It's fun. We went to Valby to work for a bit, but came back to the church pretty quick to have a lesson with a recent convert. That evening, we met with a less active family and they want to work on coming back to church! So that will be good.
   On Friday I went on splits with Elder Erikson. Dude's super cool and fun to be around. We got out and went to work. We had a great time together. Then we swung by a less active woman and got stuck in the middle of somewhere for a while before another bus came around. But it's fine because we found a hedgehog and played with it. Those things are freakin' cute.
   Saturday was a really good day for finding. We didn't think it would be, but God decided we would have success, so that was super cool. We started by playing soccer with some people in the ward, and we had a couple investigators come! Investigators love soccer. Then we helped an older woman plant flowers, but there wasn't enough room on the balcony for four elders, so I made Swedish pancakes with her. So now I know how to make Swedish pancakes. Ladies...... höhöhö... that was a joke. I have more than a year left. Back off. We had a good stund to tract, but nothing was happening. It was a holiday, so few people were home, we were gonna knock one more and call it a day to go home for weekly planning. And then there was this super humble family that lived in the last door. So we taught them about the Book of Mormon. I love it when things like that happen.
   Yesterday we were supposed to go to Örebro for a broadcast from Scotland but there weren't any trains that went there Sunday morning. So we just decided that we would go to Stockholm instead. That was an interesting morning. But the conference was super good. Elder Holland spoke and it was amazing.
   Anyway, nu har vi idag. I don't know what we're going to do. We'll see.

Thank you "vanilla flavored ice desert" for being honest enough to not call yourself ice cream.

Have a great week everyone!

Äldste Heiner
The Friluftsmuseum.
These are binkies they tie in the tree to signify growing up.
We saw the Stockholm Temple!
It was closed for cleaning...
These three girls (the other one is hiding) tracted with us for
a good hour and a half.  It was super funny.
Double Rainbow.
Held a hedgehog!!!!!

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